Whitetail Journal #38: Losing Hope in December Deer Hunting

imageI have been studying and reading a lot about hunting bucks in December. I am pretty much
to the point of giving up on shooting a decent buck in December. I am positive it can be done but I think you need some special land for it. I am going on 20 years of deer hunting and I can only count 1decent buck that I have seen. November is my time.

Sat tonight on the 160. Got out there around 2 PM thinking it would be on with the storm coming our way stressing out some bucks. I jumped a couple of deer while doing some scouting looking for some food

Sat in the stand 2 to 5:30. I was on a ridge that had acorns last year. It doesn’t look like there is any this year. I seen 2 deer in the distance at 5:22. I had a baby fawn the size of a dog come running in at 5:25. At 5:32, 2 minute past shooting time I had a doe come in. She got the pass tonight. The next time, if she shows up earlier, she won’t.

Sit time: 3:30

Deer seen: 3-4 does

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