Lake St. Clair Walleye and Frankfort Charters


After a crazy first half of the year, my walleye season is officially wrapped up. We will be back after it next year on a normal schedule that I will announce later.

Walleye fishing on LSC was pretty good this year just like last year. Everyone took home plenty of walleye when we got out. A little chop on the water helped with more fish. It was a lot of fun this year. We caught a ton of walleye including 2 cohos, a sturgeon, and a nice Muskie. I got out with my parents on the last day and my dad caught a 13 lb whopper catfish. That was fun on a walleye rod. Accidental perch catches were insane with some jumbo perch being caught on crawler harnesses. On my last trip, the perch was so aggressive I eventually switched to wyandotte worms and we were finally able to start putting walleye in the live well. Too bad, we ran out of time. When I was full-time on LSC we would start fishing perch in August. I honestly think a person could go out there and womp on the jumbo perch right now. It’s gonna be a great year down there. I may have to sneak down there again. Hmmmm

Crawler harnesses were best with gold and copper being the top producers although every color took fish. 18 – 20 fow.07C24F3E-AC6C-4CBE-A207-3F60F824EEEE.JPG



I also got out on some inland lakes. There is much fewer walleye but I like the challenge. Days after high winds are best to push the weeds to the shore. Size 9 and 11 Flicker minnows were best. 


I’ve had some interest in booking trips for next year. Next year I will be starting my walleye season on the Detroit River on April 17th. I will run trips down there for a month and then start trailing the boat to where the fishing is best in the SE. I really like being mobile at that time of the year. We can hit St. Clair River or Lake St Clair if the Detroit slows down. I will fish SE Michigan til June 15 -20. Then I will head back up to Frankfort for the rest of the year. Book now and save $75 off a 4 person charter for walleye. 

From my charter buddies, Lake Trout fishing remains awesome and there have been some monster catches. The salmon have been around some days. Look for that to get better as summer progresses. I am starting charters again up here full time. If your in the area this week, or the rest of the summer, feel free to get a hold of me. If you are looking to get out with me on the big boat, please let me know ASAP as the earlier I know, the better chance I have at scheduling a deckhand. Really looking forward to catching some of these big King Salmon that are being caught throughout the lake.


Also, I am curious to see how much interest there is in December and January walleye on LSC. The fishing has been really good the last few years til the lake ices over. I usually come down for a couple weeks for the holidays and the Novi Fishing show. This year I was thinking about offering charters. Send me a message if this interests you.

Also, don’t forget, we now have online booking. If you want to book a trip quickly and not wait for a reply from me, all you have to do is go to Hit book now. Pick the trip and date you want. Then pay for the deposit by credit card. Super easy and quick.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me through this mess. I look forward to the rest of the year, especially now that I have salmon on the brain. Time to start working out to fight some of these monsters. 

Stay cool and stay safe

Captain Dan

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