Whitetail Journal #43: NEW YEARS EVE Hunt


Sat tonight in the wind. I don’t know about you guys but I hate hunting in the wind. I never have good hunts in the wind. If it wasn’t for the end of the season, I probably would not have gone. I sat in a stand on public park property open to hunting.

I got out there around 2:30. I checked my field camera that I set over some corn the day before. I had a few does on camera and a small buck. The wind was bad but do able. The deer never showed up until the final few minutes of shooting light. I ended up having to spook them to get out of my stand.

I really don’t understand the wind hunting. I have read several articles saying that wind does not effect deer. Yet, when I hunt in major wind, I see very few deer. Also, articles say that the deer feed less at night during the wind. Yet, my trail cameras say different.

Sit time: 3 Hours

Deer: 5

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