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Welcome to Chrome Seekers Sport Fishing

Hi, I’m Dan Stewart. I am the owner of Chrome Seekers Sportfishing.

I also run a camper rental business and co-owner of Blissful Vacations where we rent out vacation homes. We create opportunities for families to go out in Michigan and create lifelong memories that will last forever.

With all this going on, I also work for Lakeside Fishing Charters. 

I created Great Lakes Edge for the outdoorsman who doesn’t have any mentors. Or, the person who cannot wait to get outside. I mainly write about hunting and fishing through out the Great Lakes region but also write about other recreation opportunities. I went to school for Outdoor Recreation so I also try to promote outdoor recreation through out the area. Basically if I don’t believe in it, I won’t promote. If I don’t believe in the service I won’t put it on my website. I post a lot to social media. You can follow me using the many links around the website but my favorite is instagram.


This fish was caught thanks to my mentor, Ed Blissick. I am forever grateful to him for everything he has ever taught my about fishing out of Ludington.

When I first started hunting and fishing, I was on my own for many years. Thanks to the Internet, I slowly found a group of people to hunt and fish with. I didn’t have a lot of money back then so I never could really re-pay them. However, they continuously said, pay it forward, pay it forward. They reminded me to make sure I help out the future generation. So here I am, paying it forward. I am by no means an expert. I do however have a lot of experience in the waters, rivers, woods and fields. I have learned and grown as an outdoorsman since then and can’t thank the people who have helped me along the way. I try to update my blog at least once a week. Sometimes during the busy season it’s hard for me to stay updated.

Thankfully, my jobs and careers have allowed me to spend many days in the outdoors. I am now a charter captain, a river guide and work on creating vacation opportunities through rentals for families.


The view from our cottage

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Some of my favorite videos I have made through out the years:

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A year of studying whitetail from trail cameras lead me to the kill of this awesome Whitetail. 

My Content

I hope this blog will entertain people and teach people a thing or two about hunting and fishing or recreation through out the area. I don’t claim to be a professional but a person who knows enough to help people get started. I believe that you need to know technique and have the experience to be successful. No matter how many fish are around you, you won’t catch them if you don’t know how. If the woods are full of animals, you won’t know where to hunt them if you don’t know the animal your hunting. I hope our experience will help you be more successful in the future.

My Biography

G. L. Edge has been a work in progress since I was 8 when my outdoor obsession started. I grew up in the concrete jungle of Michigan called Troy. Detroit to all you northerner who think anything below Bay city is Detroit. I was miserable. I would come home from school depressed because all I wanted to do was hunt and fish. I would count down the days till my dad would take me up north and feed my outdoor passion. I was memorized about how cool this state was. Finally when I passed Drivers Ed I was traveling all over this great state hunting and fishing.  When I was younger, my Dad


My first 5-fish limit on my own.

and Mom would take me all over the country and I would document those trips. I was always behind the 35 MM camera or video camera. I remember my dad and I waking up to fish the Ausable river at 6 AM in the morning. He would have a camera filming me. I joined outdoor forums and even ran a couple of my own to share adventures afield in Michigan. I have participated in just about every recreational opportunity in this state. However, I never miss out on Bow hunting for whitetail deer and fishing salmonoids and steelhead in Michigan rivers and lakes. I enjoy any other activities that I come across involving the outdoors.

My path has taken many different routes since then. I have filmed for TV shows like “BCQ” and “Michigan Out of Doors.” I have created trapping DVD’s for a company.
I started my guiding career in Alaska on the Kenai River in 2007. When we couldn’t guide, I was deck handing out of Seward and Ninilchik Alaska. I have worked as a Snowboard Instructor for Crystal Mountain, a Park Ranger at Interlochen State Park and a runner at Sugar Beach. I also was a deckhand on the Seajoy working for the Bradly family in Frankfort, Michigan. This has taught me all about working in the outdoors and I am always looking to add to my portfolio.

After many years of trying to get a “b218069_502989375097_2770_nig boy” job and getting rejected continuously I
decided to open my own guide service. I now guide on the rivers of Michigan for Salmon and Steelhead. At the 2014 Ultimate Fishing show I was fortunate to meet Kris Davis from Lakeside Fishing Charters and now work for him from April till sometime in the fall. We fish for Walleye, Muskie, Bass and Sturgeon. I also shoot a lot of photography every year which can be seen on this blog. I also manage my families vacation rental in Hale Michigan. I am also renting out my camper every weekend to families wanting to taking their kids camping who don’t have access to a camper. When fall rolls around work start to slow down a bit. Lakeside has me running trips on St Clair for perch and Muskie. River Salmon starts to pick up and I like getting on the water for Sturgeon. Starting in November, things come to a complete stop and I am all on my own chasing whitetail deer throughout the state of Michigan. A nice break to the craziness of summer. In the future I would like to either be living up north full time or living half the season up north and half the season down here. If you can help me make that happened, I would love to chat with you.


Fishing in the fall for King Salmon

I stay pretty busy but I love the non-stop action of providing outdoor recreation opportunities for families. If you want to come along on any of my trips or use our rentals, please get a hold of me. We would love to chat with you on how we can provide a vacation for you and your family.

This state beauty and it’s endless recreation continue to amaze me every year. As long as I can type I will continue to share about my adventures. I hope you check back on this website from time to time to catch up. Feel free to just send me a message and say “hi” if you would like. I really hope you enjoy Chromeseekers.

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Thank you for checking out Chrome Seekers!

Dan Stewart

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