Whitetail Journal#17 – When you want a doe you get Bucks

Was planning on heading to Mt. Pleasant this morning but the wind shifted and was completely wrong for that. Pretty bummed out. Ended up heading to the park stand hoping for a doe. Cold, crisp day with a bitter nw wind. Felt like I got in the stand pretty quiet. More deer moving wwhere I bumped deer yesterday.image

8:19 – Deer was headed in. Thought it was a doe but it looked weird. Got ready to shoot. Right before I went to pull back I realized it was a small spike. Bummer!

9:14 – a lone bb just came out.

9:20 – Guy on lake started working making tons of noise. Probably won’t see anymore deer.

12:15 – end hunt – Cold but beautiful morning. Probably will continue hunting this spot.

5 hours hunting

1 spike and a bb

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