July Update – It’s Salmon Time

IMG_4592.JPGI am back up north fishing salmon in Frankfort, Michigan It has been a heck of a start. Running trips almost daily if not every couple days. If you would like to get out for some salmon or trout action, make sure to give me a call. 248-229-7226.

This last month has been a odd one of me running all over the state trying to fill my schedule with the loss of my summer gig on Lake St Clair. I also tried to spend some time with family and friend and manage my vacation rentals.

First trip of the month was a trip on the Big Manistee fishing for Trout. We tried to get some fish on rapalas but they didn’t want anything to do with it. So we switched over to bottom bouncing and hammer a mix bag of Browns and rainbows with some other fish thrown in. The highlight of the trip was a 17 inch skipper steelhead that had some of the nicest meat that I have ever seen on a steelhead.

The summer lull hit and inland lake fun fishing slowed down big time. I also had some time at the cottage with my family and the bass fishing from shore was slow. When the water is perfect our dock can be lights out for fishing. But, the water was 76 and boiling. My niece and I did managed a 20 inch largemouth and a 17 inch small mouth. Fishing was slow but my niece loved being out there with me catching “tons of fish.”

I strongly urge people to get the youngster out fishing. Just be patient and work on their time and you will find it very gratifying. Most of them will love it and be asking when the next time they can go fishing.

Finally it was time to head back up north for my favorite time of the year, Big Lake Salmon Fishing. It started off with a bang with my first trip hitting a 22 lb and a 26 lb king.


We fun fished some and got some nice fish. This year I decided to fish the Benzy Frenzy 333. All our pre fishing was thrown out the window because of a major storm that blew in and we lost Saturday. Sunday was a shoot out and we lucked out and found a pod of Big Kings and hammered away on them going 4-7 with our biggest 3 fish going 69 lbs. We lost some heart breakers that we never got to seen. Unfortunately, a friend of mine who has grown up in Frankfort found a huge school of fish and beat us by 2 lbs.I was pretty happy with a 2nd place finish though.


I thought that was gonna be the way the rest of the season would end up but fishing can be very humbling and the big Kings just disappeared. We are still doing really well on Lakers when we target them most days. But, some day the Kings are non-existent. Most trips we manage a few bites a day but we have not been those 20+ pounders we were beating on. Any-day now the Kings will show up in numbers ready to go up the Betsy and I will be there to intercept them. Our best baits have been a black dotted flasher by Itoflies with a blue fly or a clear meat rig behind it. Our second best bait has been a dream weaver green shorts with a aqua fly behind it. These two rigs have taken the majority of our fish. Somehow we have not taken a bite on a J Plug but it won’t be long til the majority of our fish come on those.


I still have some openings later this month if you would like to get out with me. I don’t remember if I mentioned in my last newsletter but I bought a stealth craft drift boat to be able to fish closer to home and fish one of the best rivers in the state, the Betsy river. The Betsy river should be getting it’s first big push of Kings any day and I could not be more excited. My thunderstruck rods are ready and skein rods are ready. September mornings are filling in nicely and it’s gonna be a fun September. I will still do trips on the PM if someone is dead set on the PM but they will cost a little extra. Big Manistee trips and Betsey trips will stay the same. I will be hitting the Big Man more into October for Kings and Steelhead.



Anyways, that’s it for now. Thank you to everyone who has fished with me this month. I really appreciate the support of making my dreams become reality. Please keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram for current updates. My profile is Chromeseekers_sportfishing. If you would like to get out, please send me a text at 248-229-7226.

A big shout out to Tools Sports and design in Metamora for my new apparel. Also, Marine Tech, Backcast fly shop and M65 Bait shop for keeping me rigged and ready to go this past month. Also, Ryan from Itoflies for providing with some awesome flasher and flies that are catching the most fish.

Have a great month!

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