Fishing Updates leading into July – LSC Walleye and some other Fishing

Wow, where did June go? Here today, gone tomorrow. This update for my email subscribers is coming a little early but I wanted to get it done before the holidays and a whole bunch of crazy adventures coming. For anyone who isn’t following me, you can either click the WordPress follow button on the right or send me an email to get on my email list.

If you haven’t already seen it, my buddy Calvin Doctor put together a little video for some advertising for me from the Detroit River. If you would like to check it, go to the link below.

June was my least busy season with the loss of my full-time charter captain job for another company at the last minute. I managed to book​ a few last minute trips but it was not as busy as I was hoping. Which was in a way kinda cool because I got to fish with some of my best friends and family. When you charter fish your weekends are pretty much shot because that is when most people can go charter fishing including my friends. So a little break made that time available.

The few trips I did run on LSC were very successful with high numbers of fish caught. This is a great time of the year to go because the walleye are very hungry and I have noticed it takes weird fronts to shut the fish off completely. They are not very picky this time of the year. If you are in the fish zone trolling at the right speed, your probably getting bit. Color did not matter most day and it was game on most of the time. When the fish were just picking at it, I would put a crawler through the head and cut it in half. This way the fish have to bite some part of the crawler which helps me put more fish in the boat As the pleasure boaters start to show up on the lake, the fish can get picky. For some reason, I didn’t take a lot of pictures from this month other than​ on the Inland Lakes.

IMG_4011 2

Around early to mid-June,​ the fish moved out to the center of the lake away from the shallow early spots. Some walleye can still be found in shallow but we are concentrating on the deep stuff now preferably 15 – 20 feet of water. I have also heard reports of great fishing in canada and the St. Clair River.

LSC should have a fantastic year for perch fishing. While walleye fishing we have been pulling in some real nice perch to go along with the customer’s walleye. Some of the biggest perch I have seen in years. I am hoping to get out there once before I head north for the remaining part of summer.


When I wasn’t getting our vacation rentals ready for the summer, I spent some time trying to learn the inland lake fishing for walleye. I have a couple lakes near my house in Beulah that I plan to fish when I can’t get on Lake Michigan. It was a little different than Lake St Clair. My first trip fun fishing I tore up the walleye. But, there was a learning curve to the trolling scene and now trolling is pretty much impossible with the pleasure boaters on the water. Tons and tons of debri on the surface making trolling pretty much impossible. If I can get out again I will try casting baits and using jigs under floats for the walleye.

I have a couple vacations plan for​ the next couple of weeks but I have a few selected days open for walleye. This will be it til next year. July 7th all day and July 8th all day. I also have July 13th morning and the 14th open. Monday I will clean up the boat and will be headed up to Frankfort for the rest of the summer chasing Salmon. I have a few weekend days open along with weekday. The same goes for September.

For Walleye fishing, check out
For Salmon Fishing, check out


With that being said, I am growing with anticipation the start of my Salmon Season. The salmon are big again this year and I can not wait to get after them. If you want to get out, please let me know so we can get you on the books. Please get your party together and then get a hold of me.

If you want to keep up to date with my fishing, please click the wordpress follow button or send me an email at chromeseekers(at) You can also follow me on facbook and Instragram where I post regularly under @chromeseekers_sportfishing.

See ya on the water!



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