Freshwater Bites podcast: Spring Steelhead with Dan Stewart of Chrome Seekers Sportfishing

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Freshwater Bites Podcast with Chromeseekers

You don’t have to have a fly rod and reel to feel like a river angler. Typically steelhead, trout, and salmon are looked at as fish that are commonly caught by the majestic dance of casting a fly. If you are someone who enjoys’s catching them on a fly rod and reel, I tip my hat to you and is something I hope I can learn someday. However, if you leave near The Great Lakes and can find many any kind of river, stream or decent size creek feeding into them, you most likely have a pretty good shot at catching steelhead. You also may be pleased to know that you can use your traditional rod and reel set up and after listening to this episode will know what techniques to master to chase after these steelheads.
A year ago I had caught my first steelhead but it was through the ice, which is kind of rare. Pulling that chrome up through the ice I was in awe of its color and beauty and became instantly hooked on this amazing species of trout. This spring I sought out to learn how to catch them during their spring run up the rivers here in northern Michigan. I came across Dan Stewart of Chrome Seekers Sportfishing. Dan is one of the most down to earth and approachable guides I have ever met. He was kind enough to take me out on the river one morning so that I could learn more about Michigan steelhead and how to go about chasing these fish. To say that I learned a lot would be an understatement. Not only did I learn a ton about how to chase after steelhead but I also learned about what an amazing fishery we have here in The Great Lakes State for steelhead.
Dan, his deckhand Nate and I were having such a good time that after Dan landed a beautiful 12-pound steelhead in the early afternoon, we had to call it quits to get to other obligations. The morning flew by and I wanted to create an episode on the podcast that would provide to you the listener just as much value as I got out of that morning fishing with Dan.
On this episode, you learn about Dan’s job as a guide, how to chase spring steelhead and the exact tackle you need to do so. Dan and I talk about the two types of techniques we used that morning to be successful and break down the set up for you. We also talk about where in the river these fish like to hang out, water temps to pay attention to and an important message that is simple, just get out and fish. Sometimes as anglers we over think as to when to go fishing, what to use, where they are biting when really the best practice is to just wet a line.
Dan said it best, “just go fishing”. I want to thank Dan for coming on the podcast and I am grateful for the new friendship I sparked up with Dan and Nate.
Enjoy the episode.
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Dan’s Instagram: @chromeseekers_sportfishing
Nate’s Instagram: @nate_fishforlife

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