Whitetail Journal #20: New Attitude

Arrived at the cottage at 11 last night and sat down with a beer. After yesterday I wanted to get a good night sleep and start all over. Plus, I HATE day lights saving time. It really screws up a hunter.

Checked my trail am on the way in and found out that the buck activity has been hot. Which is crazy because this spot never had a buck this summer and was mostly bears. Mostly 1.5 year olds this time. However, this nice 8 point made an appearance. That makes 5 shooter bucks in this area.

image.jpegI wish I would have set a stand here. Anywho, I am in the skinny spot. It’s really hot out.

2 pm Sit

No deer sighting. Really thought it would be better.

Pulled cam near stand. Had 2 really nice bucks on cam. Hard to tell who is who because the pictures are bad. At it again in the Am.

Sit time : 4 hours

Live updates and pictures on Instagram. Check it out:


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