Mother Nature, Confidents and Steelhead

Well, another weekend of steelhead fishing is over and I am left scratching my head. The fishing started off great on Friday but got considerably worse through out the weekend.

The fishing started of great for my buddy on friday. Not so much for me. I eventually realized what was different between our rigs and started hooking up. He was fishing deeper and a lot more lead on his line. We found a big pod of fish and picked a way at them for an hour. The fish were some of the biggest all season.

Here are some shots from Friday:

Saturday was the 2013 Collegiate Steelhead Classic. I went into the tournament feeling pretty confident with the information I picked up from pre-fishing. The second hole produced this little guy and I was feeling pretty good:

It was real early and I felt it would be no problem getting a bunch of more fish…so I thought. We fished hard the rest of the day, really hard, covering 12-15 miles of rivers. The weather never warmed up and I was in water I had only fished 2-3 times in my life. I was really starting to question my plans for the day but what do you do with little time. My partner and I had never fish as hard as we did. Fishing every fishy spot, pulling anchor after 10-15 minutes of fishing looking for the next fishy looking spot. I am sure my partner was ready to throw me overboard by the middle of day for having him pull my pain in the butt anchor up. I was hoping for a repeat like last year where the fish turned on the last 20 minutes of the tournament and both my partner and I finished with our pick in the fish we wanted to enter. That was not the case this year and we only managed to hook 2 fish all day. I was really disappointed I could not pull my weight for team CMU.

Anyways, the tournament was finally over and we found our way back at the”inch in.” CMU managed second place and was a good 100 inches away from first. Thankfully my team was able to catch some fish on other rivers. Congrats to the Spartans.

After a nice 10 hours of sleep we were finally back on the river. With low confidants we started fishing. The temps seemed to be falling again. We fished several spots but nothing felt right. A few fish were being caught but I gave up. The river and mother nature kicked my butt this weekend.

I was hoping for a better weekend coming up but the weather looks like a repeat of last weekend. I am really wondering when the weather is going to change. We have a lot of rain coming our way. Hopefully the fish will run even though the water is still really cold. Starting to get anxious. Seen a couple of fish on beds but we are seeing a lot of Chrome fish. Hopefully that is a good sign of things to come.

Anyways, thanks for checking out this blog. I would like to hear how everyone else is doing? Are you having the same luck I am? Having the season of your life? Think it’s over? Let us know on the facebook page. If you would like to see more, make sure to check out the links below. Have a great week and hopefully everyone gets out for some time on the water!

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