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Finally made it back to the river after a month of deer hunting, life and death and a blown transmission. Did it ever feel good. This week I checked out a new stretch of river in my boat. We managed hooking up with 4 fish and brought a skipper to the boat. All fish came on nickel size, pink bags.  The ones we seen that were lost were all chrome and hott. Bubble lines were where the fish were hanging. The temperature was dropping all day long. It was a great day to be back on the river.

©Great Lakes Edge 2012

Thursday night my buddy called me with the best winter steelhead report I have ever heard. He had floated with Jimmy from Michigan Out of Doors. I couldn’t resist the urge and jumped into my truck Friday morning and headed over to fish the day. The fishing was not as good as it was for my

©Great Lakes Edge 2012

buddy but I still managed to have my best winter day as well. I was fishing a smaller river. I noticed that Chrome fish were sitting in the faster water. Dark fish were sitting in the slower, deeper runs. The best holes were the ones that were fast, with big rocks in front of them. The steel were sitting right behind them. Fish came on mostly nickel size white bags. Not a single fish came on waxies. I moved a lot. I would either hit a fish in the first couple cast or fish for 15-20 minutes and hit a fish. Had to be on the move to get my numbers. It probably didn’t help my buddy having a great day the day before. More pictures can be seen here:

Fishing around the state is pretty dang good from what I hear from the Great Lakes Edge team. From southern Michigan all the way up to Northern Michigan. It seems like a lot of rivers had a run of chrome steelhead. Some hohos are also being caught with the colder weather showing up. If you have some time, make sure to hit the rivers up. There is no better time of the year to be chasing steel.

©Great Lakes Edge 2012

Thanks for checking out this weeks report. I am going to try to keep this updated once a week so make sure to keep checking back. Make sure to stop on over at our facebook page and leave some pictures. I will also be posting a video with my Deer stories and pictures from members of Great Lakes Edge. If you would like to see your picture in that video, make sure to post in on the Facebook page. Also, make sure to check out these other pages from Great Lakes Edge. See ya next week!

©Great Lakes Edge 2012



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