Trying for Spring Steel…or so I think I am

Wow, it’s been a month and 3 weeks since I last up-dated. I am not very good with this blog but it’s my place to share my videos and pictures with all so I plan on keeping it going when time allows. I tend to keep more updated on facebook which the link can be found to the right. Lots of good stuff going on around here. Hoping to share it with you all soon!

Anyways, I have been very busy as a snowboarding instructor at Crystal Mountain this winter. It was a great first season with lots of white stuff. I ended up taking a leap and took my level one certification and passed. I am hoping to put together some videos from this past season. I will be instructing next year and I hope you come out and take a lesson with me.

While the busy season was going on. I did get an opportunity to float with my buddy Neeson. The fishing was pretty good for the guys who knew how to fish flies. Being that I am not much of a fly guy (although I have nothing wrong with it) I pretty much expected the skunk. I did however take some great pictures that will probably end up in the 2014 calendar I will be selling. You can check them out on facebook up 2014 possible calendar pictures.

With snowboarding and winter coming to an end, I have been busy fishing and spending time on the rivers. The season has been hot for everyone I talked with all winter. It started off with me clobbering the fish on my first trip with my boat for the year, last week. Later on I found I was the few hooking fish. 2 days later I found myself back on the river hoping to tear into them and boy was I in for a surprise. Never even touched a steelhead trout. That has been the word for a while. I must have just come across a few active fish that one day. That is how it goes sometimes.  These fish were all dark.

The fishing has been really slow for me and others since then. Everyone is wondering where the fish are. It really does not help that old man winter won’t head north and leave us alone. I have been hearing of river temps in the mid-30’s. Last spring we were at 55 already. We have been working hard for our fish. We will hit a bunch of holes with little success. Then we will hit 3-4 fish and then nothing. Do not be afraid to move a lot. It might be extra work but that is what will create success for yourself. The fish we are hitting down river are all Chrome. We didn’t see one dark fish. Spawn bags in pink and orange have been the ticket with a few fish coming on waxies.

I would love to write more but I am getting ready for this weekend. I hope everyone is able to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Have a great weekend!

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