Go Pro Bad Luck and To Much H20

Well, not a lot has changed since my last report. If your like me, you have been watching the weather. Trying to plan your next trip down to the river. Usually this time of year, if planned well, you can have a big numbers day. However, mother nature has been extremely rude and has thrown every type of condition at us. If you are a steelheader you know exactly what I am talking about. We have had snow, rain, mixed, back to snow in only a few days. Some places have seen half a foot of snow. The mornings have also been below freezing making me want to stay in my nice warm bed. Usually were doing the rain dance hoping for rain. I am trying to figure out a dance that will stop the rain. It does not look good.

I have had a lot of mixed thoughts this week. Usually I am pretty confident this time of the year with my decisions. I have been out about 3 days this week. The first day I hit two fish in the first spot. I thought the fishing would be great the rest of the day but I never even bumped a fish. That is, unless you count smolts. I have caught tons of smolts this week. When I was getting ready to leave I had a bob down. For a second I was really excited. Then I noticed the fight was not right. Sure enough, I reeled in a whistle nose trout (a sucker for you non fishing people : P)

Since then every time I have driven by the river I have made a few cast in all the prime holes with little success. The weather has been anything but great. Today I decided to be a good boy and head to church rather than fishing the first light bite. After I went down to the river and found it more muddy then two days ago but it had dropped a little bit.  Once again, I hit all the prime spots with fresh steelhead spawn in golf ball size portions. I had the Go Pro with me at every stop until the last one hoping to get a fight on camera, This stop I decided to leave it. I was sick of carrying it around with not much luck. After 5-6 smolts, I was ready to call it, and I started to walk the bobber down to where my truck was. It then sunk and I was finally into a fish. After a bunch of dogging I finally landed the buck.

420924_350720055029215_2081304937_nRight when I netted the fish a guy came down and decided to fish my spot. I made a few more cast and called it.

I was going to head out tomorrow on another river. However, I have been receiving a lot of negative reports of high muddy water. Think I will sit out the next few days and get stuff done around here, like tie jigs and maybe make a video or two.

If you do make it out on the river, please be careful. The rivers all across the state are really high and were expecting more rain. If you have been fishing, make sure to stop by our facebook page and leave a picture of the high rivers.

Have a good week!

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