Marco Island Fishing: Practicing What I Teach

If you have been following my blog for the past two months you have seen me writing tips for catching more fish. Most people just want to catch fish without doing any of the work. What they don’t understand is how you need to be fishing the right rigs, baits, right location, etc to catch fish. If you want to skip all that I suggest you hire a guide, like myself. (

Two weeks ago I was in Florida enjoying the nice sunny weather. We brought it home for you all to enjoy! Your welcome! 🙂 I brought some fishing poles along and decided to give Florida fishing a try. I have not been very successful while on my own in the past in Florida. So I decided to put what I wrote about a few weeks ago into action. To read about the tips I wrote about, you can click the link below:


Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 12.12.53 PM

Originally my plans were to hire a guide to take me either Tarpon or Snook fishing, two fish on my bucket list. After talking with some guides I found out the water was too cold and I would be wasting my money. Fishing was really slow overall. So I decided to rent a boat for the day and fish for whatever would bite. I did some research online and figured out some rigs to try. I had an idea of the bait I wanted to buy and where I would go.

When I got to the rental they informed me that I would not be able to fish the gulf at all. That meant all my research was garbage. So I bought some live shrimp and took off with the boat to see what I could do in the backcountry. Right away I noticed that boats were fishing around the bridges. Since I couldn’t talk to people I had to use my eyesight to Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 2.44.25 PMgather information for success on the water.

I had to make adjustments of using shrimp as bait to catch fish. I had many bites and managed to catch many different types of fish. I also lost a very large fish that rubbed me off on a bridge. Some guys at the marina said it might have been a stingray while others said it may have been a goliath grouper. I will never know. With everything that happened on this trip I was really happy with the results. I hope to be down in Florida when the snook or Tarpon are around.

The day after I was stuck on the beach. After seeing guys lined up on the beach fishing in the same spot for days I decided I would fish there. I also talked with guys before about how to rig dead shrimp since all mine had died. I simply rigged my rods the way I would do if I were fishing from the piers or beaches in Michigan. I was told the day before when Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 12.12.35 PMreturning the boat, that using just the tail end and buried a hook into it was one of the best ways to fish shrimp. Once again, I was using the knowledge I had gathered from another fisherman to be successful.

Fishing started off pretty slow. I was expecting fishing to be getter as the tide came in. I had used knowledge from fishing off a halibut boat in the Cooks inlet of Alaska. I caught a ton of small cool fish including two Bone eyed shark. There wasn’t much size to the fish but cool none the less. Without the information, I had gathered from others and the past I would not have had a successful day on the water.

On our way home we stopped to see our cousins. They lived near a lake that I could fish. Florida grows some huge bass that interested me. The first night I went down there with a bunch of hardware in hopes of catching one of these bass. I ended up catching one but it wasn’t the big one I was after. I started talking with one of the locals and he told me I needed live bluegill to have a chance of catching one of these big boys. Go figure, I didn’t have any of that and had nothing to catch small fish.


The next day I went down to the lake. Right away I watch an old timer catching a 24-25 inch bass. It was the biggest bass I had ever seen. I then noticed he was using bluegills as bait. I had done this many times but always had night crawlers with me. I asked him how he was catching the bluegills with no worms or jigs. He then told me about using bread and spitting on it to get it to stick to the hook. I hadn’t used bread for bait is many years. At first, my hooks were too big so I had to make some adjustments. Finally, I got one and rigged one underneath a thills bobber.

I love watching a bobber with a bluegill use as bait. The bobber dances all over the place when using gills. If you watch close enough you will notice when a predatory fish is nearby. You never know what you will catch with live bluegill. Right away my bobber dropped and I was into something that didn’t feel fishy. It turned out to be a huge turtle that had been swimming around. I noticed the old timer was not fishing a bobber at all and was doing better than me. So I took off my bobber and hooked up right away. I ended up landing a 15-16 inch bass, which was a small bass for Florida. The old timer caught another bass but it wasn’t as big. I ended up catching a couple more turtles but never got the big bass I was hoping for. Regardless, I learned something new from that nice old timer and will use bread next time I don’t have nightcrawlers around.

The point of this blog and the tips blog I wrote was to point out how important it is to learn everything you can about the fish you are pursuing. Being told about a location won’t catch you fish if you don’t know how to property rig. Once you have learned that, fishing, in general, will become easier where ever you may go and whatever species you are targeting. If you remain stubborn and a know it all, you will struggle. If you are open to new ideas and gathering more information you will become a much better fisherman.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Feel free to leave a comment and leave a 5-star rating to help us out. Have a great spring fishing!

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