2nd Tip: Know Technique and Rigs (Blog 3 of 4)

562472_353840688050485_1844741415_nThree weeks ago I started a blog series about 3 tips I feel is important when trying to catch more fish. The tips are not your ordinary tips. The first blog was an overview of the 3 tips mentioned. I talk mainly about targeting salmon and steelhead but I can’t see why these tips would not work for every other fish. The tips were:
1. Watch others and pay attention
2. Know your rigging/technique/style
3. Have confidence in the way you fish

You can read the blog post here: https://chromeseekerssportfishing.wordpress.com/2016/01/12/three-tips-to-help-you-catch-more-fish-part-1-of/

Part 1 was about watching other and paying attention can be found here:


Fishing for Salmon via trolling is one of the best way to catch salmonoid on the Great Lakes

This week we continue to talk about the tips to catch more fish. If you have been fishing for a while, this blog is probably not for you. But if you’re the new guy in town and want to learn, keep reading. Because this is a very basic blog about tips I will not bore you with pages and pages of the different styles of fishing for the many different great lakes fish we have. I am no expert on all the different styles to fish a certain species so it would be dumb to give advice on trolling for Muskie when I have never done it (Hopefully that will change this summer). It is your job to explore and read up on the different styles of fishing when you have a certain species you are targeting, I am going to continue from where we left off about learning from others through watching, reading and listening. I am going to dig a little deeper then most would about styles and rigs.


If you want to speed up the learning curve of fishing a certain species I strongly suggest you hire a guide. A guide has spent a lot of his life pursuing that species. He will know the styles, rigs and lure/bait/flies to use. He can prepare you for fishing on different trips in your future if you choose to fish by yourself after. Be prepared to ask lots of questions on your trip. When I have clients on my boats I hope they leave knowing how to catch fish on their own. That is my personal goal after every trip. You can’t beat learning from a guy who has dedicated his life to fishing. http://www.chromeseekers.com

If you are a “do it yourself” type of guy below is a link on the many different styles of fishing and the rigs they use to hook up.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 9.31.51 PM

When a person doesn’t do their research they show up to rivers with giant spoons fishing for salmon

If you have been paying attention to others or doing your research online, you probably
have a good idea about what style of fishing is the best for the species or the body of water you are fishing. When you find the style that best fits you continue to research it and put it to the test on the water. You can’t replace time on the water. Like I have mentioned, detail is very important if you want to catch more fish .


Every style of fishing has its days depending on the species of fish your fishing. Some days the fish want the bait bouncing off the bottom and other days the fish want the bait suspended depending on what your are fishing for. Some days they want the lure trolled fast and other days they want it trolled slowly.

When you find the style of fishing that you absolutely love, don’t let anyone tell you that your style of fishing is wrong. Don’t fish a style because you want to be cool. Fish a style that works for you and catches fish. Many people think that the way they fish is the only way, which is a load of garbage. Every style of fishing has its days. I love to fish a center pin reel for steelhead. I love how when you hook a fish the fight is between you and the fish. Your hand is the drag. Your float drifts down river as naturally as you let it which results in more fish in my opinion. However, I know that some days are better to bottom bounce steelhead. The same thing goes with fly-fishing and any other style of fishing. The same goes with the different baits, flies and lure that you may use. There is no wrong way to fish as long as you are doing it legally and enjoying it.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to pick a favorite way to fish. Fish that style for a while until you feel confident. When you have figured it out, don’t be afraid to explore different set-ups . If you can be an all around fisherman, that is when you will have no problem catching fish no matter what.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 9.30.54 PM

A day of high pressure from others lead me to fish smaller presentation to catch this fish.

When you first start fishing, don’t be afraid to switch baits often. Weather, water conditions and time of day all have an effect on what may or may not catch more fish. To speed up your learning curve, keeping a journal of all the fish you catch is a great way to learn what works during what conditions. In your journal you will want to keep track of the fish, lure/fly, sky conditions, weather, color or lure, style of fishing and whatever else you may think of. This will help you identify certain conditions to catch more fish and waste less time figuring out what they want.

This blog may sound like a lot. But the part about fishing that is the most enjoyable is learning the species you are after. Once you get on the water and start catching fish, The enjoyment will come. To this day I am still learning everytime I hit the water. I try and take something a way from every trip I go on. You will probably start catching right away if you have someone to guide you. If you are like me and didn’t have much help at the beginning, don’t give up. Just keep at it and get out as much as your time allows.

Check out the final tip below:

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