Steelhead Report from 12/13/2018

Wo it’s been a minute since I last posted here. I guess I have been too busy spending as much time on the water and working on other things to build Chomeseekers and Blissful Vacations up. After years of doing this, I am starting to see some progress and the future looks bright for both businesses. With business growing, getting​ back to blogging about my experiences only makes sense. I look forward to the future and seeing where I can take this.

Many of you who have followed along with my probably know​ about Great Lakes Edge. I just hadtoo​o many things going on to continue it and had to let something go. There is also a ton of other guys trying to do the same thing as I was. I’ll talk about that more in the future. Thankfully I was able to transfer all that data over to here and don’t think I lost anything. So if you want to look something up, there should be a search feature in the upper right hand that will take you anywhere on this site.

Have you ever thought judging by the forecast​ weather that you would have a stellar day on the water? Then when the time showed up to fish, it all changed?
The weather​r channel was calling for cloudy skies all day long in the high 20’s getting up to the high 30s throughout the day. As I walked outside at 6:30 AM to head to my truck a wall of fresh cold air slammed my face. I jumped in the truck and noticed that the temps were only 18. When I looked up the sky was completely wide open. If I was fishing alone I would have gone back inside and waited a few hours to go fishing. But, I was a guest today on another boat and I didn’t want to miss the ride.

The Report


After taking a month in a half off of fishing to hunt and catch up on everything that had been neglected over the last year, I was getting excited about making that first cast. As we motored up the river we were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise. Fishing started off surprisingly ok with Rick hooking a fish out of the first two holes on the first couple cast. For the rest of the morning we pretty much just used up spawn bags and wax worms with very little luck. The eyelids never stopped freezing up til about 1 or 2 PM. The fishing did pick up a little with hooking 2 fish in one hole that we lost. As we ran out of time we started working the holes quickly and moving on.

The last hole we had the warmest temps. I made a cast up against the shorelines in hopes of a “FISH ON.” That bobber did eventually go down but felt like a stick. It did nothing. Heck I didn’t even yell “fish” because I was positive it was a snag. I started reeling in but it didn’t feel right. About 15 feet from the bobber down I finally felt a head shake and I said it was a fish. Everyone sprang into action because now the fish was only 10 feet away from the boat. It didn’t really do much though. Just used it weight to swim around. It then did something I had never had a fish do. It went underneath the center of the boat and just stayed there. I couldn’t go around the front because of the anchor. I tried taking it to the back but it would not budge.


Pc by Rick
So I just went back and forth for a few minutes until it finally took off again towards the back of the boat. After a few minutes of heart-wrenching thrashing when most fish throw hooks behind the back of the boat I was able to pull the fish close enough and my buddy Luke threw the net underneath the fish. Man, was that an awesome fight.


After that, we were running behind and we had to high tail it out of the there. It was a bummer the day went so fast but that is what happens when you’re having fun with buddies.

All in all, the fishing wasn’t bad. We average like one hook up an hour. In my opinion, when you can do that in the prime of winter, that is not a bad day at all.

If you would like to get out on some winter steelhead, please check out my website. or call me at 248-229-7226.

Please come back often as I will be posting a lot more. A lot of fishing, some hunting, tips to being a better outdoorsman and whatever else I decide to share.

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