Move Around for Steelhead and Salmon

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I fished nearly a dozen holes before I found a biter on this day.

You ever come across an old timer who is guarding a hole and says he has been fishing this spot for 30 years. You then notice he hasn’t caught any fish. Or, the guy who caught 5 fish out of a spot and thinks that spot is now the best spot in Michigan and won’t leave. You move onto to find other waters and come back later and the guys are still fishing the same spots. Don’t be that guy if you want to catch fish. Or, how about the guy who is fishing the beds in January when there is no fish spawning, yet.

We all have our favorite spots. Sometimes fish are not in that hole. Or, they may be holding in different parts of the hole. Some of the best steel headers I know hit 5-10 holes on a given day trip. They are continuously looking for biting fish and that means moving around.

Fish stay in certain spots during certain times of the year. Sometimes miles of water will be void of fish. Weather and water temps will determine if the fish are biting. It can also determine where the fish may be laying. If the water is really cold, the fish will be in the slowest part of the hole. They will not move very far to bite. If the water is warm you can find the fish in faster water in the front of the hole. They will move farther to bite. The weather will determine where in the hole they are sitting or if they are biting or not.


I almost did not fish this hole. It lead me to my only fish of the day.

A small percentage of fish are biting fish. If the fish are not biting then what is the point of fishing the same hole over and over. Move around and search for biters. You will end up catching more fish.

The only time I have noticed when it’s worth staying in the same spot is during the peak of the run. If you know you are on a pile of fish I would continue fishing those fish. If there is a lot of fish they will be moving around. It also may be worth leaving and coming back. In certain spots, it can be epic on and off throughout the day. For several years I would start at a certain spot and then move down the river because nobody would be catching any. When I would come back I had missed out on an incredible bite. Now I don’t leave that spot during spring time if that is where I decide to fish.


Fishing 5 holes on this day lead to an epic day on the river going hooking 10 fish and landing 6

Keeping track with a journal is a great to way to becoming better at predicting where to fish. Some of the key points I would keep track of are the water temp, air temp, weather, the date and the type of water your fishing. Other points I keep track of are the river, the bait, and the water clarity.

Do you agree with this article? Or, do you like fishing in the same spot trip after trip. What is your success? Leave a comment below:

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