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Every year people talk about new recreation opportunities they want to do. But, they never participate. Work, family and other things get in the way. They may be scare about getting involved with out having any knowledge of what they are getting into it. It is better to do it with someone who is experienced. However, sometimes that opportunity may not be present. This is the year you need to get out there and go exploring. Put down the phone and schedule some outdoor time with your friends and family. Make it a goal to spend a certain amount of days in the outdoors and then follow through. You will be thanking me you did.

I have been a hard core river fisherman and deer hunter for my entire life. It was the same thing year and year, nothing new. 10 years ago I decided I wanted to try other recreational opportunities in this great state we live in. Since then I have caught my first sturgeon, first Muskie, fished many new locations, started my own guide business, started trapping, traveled to new destination and hunted new areas. What I have learned is trying for the first time is the hardest. Going to a new location is scary but very easy. Once you do it once, it becomes a whole lot easier the more you go. By doing this, I have learned that a lot of opportunities tie into each other. You will become a better outdoorsman by trying new opportunities.

To gather knowledge about a recreation opportunity all you have to do is search the Internet. It seems simple but there are still people who don’t use the Internet to research. You can also join a club or go to seminars. A person can become knowledgeable about something without ever doing it. Research the areas you can fish, hunt or recreate. Get on the Internet and ask where you can go. There are many places that you can explore in this region. There are no longer excuses about not having access to knowledge about something with the Internet.


Usually I trolling crawler harnesses in the summer. My dad and I decided to try early walleye fishing out of the port of Oscoda, somewhere I had never trolled before.

Here are some great websites to gain knowledge about the Michigan Outdoors and it’s Recreation opportunities.

Great Lakes Edge

I am being a little biased here but write about many different things to do here in Michigan. Maybe a little to many. I have a lot of passions and I am lucky to have several different jobs doing outdoor activities that I write about. So you can always start here by using the search button in the right hand corner.



Pure Michigan

Several years ago the state of Michigan really ramped up their tourism marketing. The Pure Michigan website is a great place to start looking for different things to do in Michigan. This is more of a tourism site for the state of Michigan.


Michigan DNR

The Michigan DNR site is a great place to go to learn about different outdoor recreation opportunities across the state. The side is jam packed full of information about where to go, the opportunities and what you can do.


Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking has become really popular in the last 5-10 years. Below is a site that has everything to do with Michigan Mountain Biking. Below is the link to all the trails in the state. There is also more information about Mountain Biking.



Riding Mountain bikes turned me onto riding long distances. Because of this, I decided to test myself and see if I could do 100 miles up in NW Michigan.

Steelhead Manifesto

Like to get into salmon and steelhead fishing? Then you need to check out my buddy’s site all about Steelhead and Salmon fishing. I have gotten to know Roger over the last several years and the guy is a fishing nut. He also does seminars from time to time. If you are ever in an area where Roger may be, I highly suggest you attend one of his seminars.


Wired To Hunt

Want to learn how to Deer hunt? Then you need to check out Mark Kenyons Wired to Hunt website all about Deer hunting. Mark is a Michigander that does all thing hunting in Michigan. He breaks it down very nicely.


After you have learned about what ever you want to do in the outdoors, get out there. All you have to do is find a place and go for a drive. Put what you learned from the internet to become more knowledgeable about the sport your pursuing. Explore the area and learn as much as you can. Most people look to be successful immediately. However, I think the fun part is exploring new areas and learning the areas. Don’t look for easy but enjoy the challenge instead.

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You won’t see a Bald Eagle staying indoors. These birds are incredible.

You might not be successful the first time out if your hunting or fishing. Expect to fail the first several times. But, You are learning first hand. Not everyone succeeds when they are newbie’s. Ask around if you can for advice. Pay attention to your surrounding and what happens. Keep going out and trying new techniques and locations. Don’t give up after your first time if your not successful. It will get easier the more times you go out. Continue to push through and you will eventually be successful in what ever you do.

If you’re still nervous about trying something new, find a guide that will take you. Whether is be a friend or a professional guide, there is always someone willing to take you. If you a buddy who is successful and what he does, offer to pay for the gas or a case of beer. If you’re with a guide, make sure to pay the rate and tip if they earn it. The guide is there to teach you if you would like. Let them know that you’re trying to learn. Ask lots of questions. You are paying for his time and you should get what you want to learn.

Chrome Seekers

If you want to go fishing for any river species, send me an email through my website. I guide people on Michigan Rivers through out the state at different times of the year. I am patient and laid back and love to teach people about fishing the rivers here in Michigan.


Lakeside fishing charters

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My First time using tip up

Lakeside Fishing charters is based out of Lake St. Clair. We fish Lake St. Clair through out the summer into the fall for every species in the lake. We also guide Walleye on the Detroit River in the Spring. In the fall, we will move up into the St. Clair River for Sturgeon.


If you are looking for a location to get into the great outdoors, don’t forget to check out vacation rental in Hale, Michigan in the Northeast part of the state. Hale offers a ton of great opportunity to get outside. From hiking and fishing to hunting. Hale has is all through out the whole year and we have the place for you to stay.


Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 3.34.21 PM

There are many different fishing Opportunities in Hale, Michigan

There are no longer excuses to not doing something because you don’t know how. We have the internet and knowledge on our phones no matter where we go. There is always someone willing to take you. Don’t be that guy who just complains and does nothing. Hit the roads in search of recreation this year, learn as much as you can and enjoy yourself. There is no better place to decompress and relax in my opinion.

If you have any questions, or need guidance, feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll see what I can do. Good Luck!

Check back at the end of every week for a new blog update.

What new recreation opportunities are you looking to explore? Leave a comment below in the comment section.


Trying something new on my own – Saltwater Fishing

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