Whitetail Journal Note #9 -Empty Food Plot for the 2nd Day in a Row

Kinda bumming. Last night I had someone watch the food plot and no deer entered it. Tonight I watched the food plot on and off until about 4:45. Then I watched it til dark. Not a single deer hit the plot again. This is not good. However, the parents said when they came back to the house at prime time that there were no deer out moving around and we usually see deer. I am really hoping that the deer are just hunkered down with this crap weather. I will check the cameras tomorrow and make a decision if I will be holding out for a buck any longer. I was hoping after 4 weeks of no hunting back there they bucks would become comfortable and start feeding during the day again. Unfortunately I think this weather is screwing me because the deer usually disappear when the snow hits. The past two days are the first days that the deer have not been in the plot since mid September. Maybe they feel naked with being so open. Hopefully they start moving again in there.

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