Whitetail Journal #37: Hunting the Auction Land


So 2 weeks ago I won an auction that allowed me to hunt on 160 acres of land. I decided after the storm, it was time to go in and see if I could find a deer to kill. The property is rolling with fields, old woods, cattails and a few lakes. Perfect area for a big buck to hang out. My parents won the auction last year for me for Christmas and I shot a doe and my muzzle loader screwed up on a 6-point. I want redemption.

imageI did some speed scouting through the property yesterday. The snow helped me discover there was some deer movement. I found 2 really nice rubs near the stand where my muzzle loader screwed up last. I decided to sit there again.

It really started to get cold towards dark. At 5 PM, a doe and two fawns came through. They were extremely spooky.

I couldn’t believe how well you could see once shooting hours were over. At 5:30 you could still see 100 yards. Right around then as I was getting out of the stand, I had a small fawn show up across the cattails.

Other then that, it was a really nice night out. There is something about hunting in fresh powder that I love. It’s like a whole new world out there.

Sit time: 3:30 Hoursimage

Deer: 4 Does

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