Whitetail Journal: Note 7 – Deer Movement During the First Major Snowfall

Yesterday was quite the day. All day accumulation of snow. I was excited to see that would happen in the food plot. Usually when we get snow all the deer disappear for the year. I thought about going hunting but decided to stay out of the plot. I would just watch from the house.

All day long we had deer moving in and out of the food plot. The younger deer were in our Oat food plot the most. Around 2 PM our regulars stayed for most of the evening. After the Detroit Lions beat out Chicago Bears, the field was full with deer. I kept waiting for our big bucks to show up. Unfortunately, it never did and eventually the deer headed back to their beds I assume.Its pretty interesting to note that the deers patterns have changed and the deer come from their beds and go back to theirs beds after eating. They don’t leave on the other side of the plot to explore in the evening like they normally do

It will be interesting to see what happens the remaining days of the year.

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