Whitetail Journal #34 & #35 Up North Muzzle load Hunting

imageWednesday I put some corn out in front of my dad stand in front of a field camera. With the cold weather coming I wanted to see if maybe a big buck would get hungry enough to come into a corn pile starving. I decided to go check it out to see if it had been hit and it had. I decided to sit in this stand around 2 and possibly move later.

imageI had just got settled and I hear crunch. I see a deer coming in. Then another. I had 3 does come in and a mystery deer. I think it was a small spike. They stuck around for an hour then left. I heard some other crunching but never seen the deer. At twilight I had another deer come in. I think it was a doe.

I need to start buying an extra tag for this area. Would have been an easy kill and meat in the freezer.

It snowed on and off. No sunshine.

4 deer seen

Sit time was 3.5 hours.

On saturday, I found my keys to move my cameras around. I put them closer to my tree stands that had scrapes. I moved one to pinch point to see if maybe “Crooked Clinton” was not using the trail I had on camera and maybe was using the one next to it. You would think in 3 months the buck that passed this camera 3 times would have walked by again during gun season.

I ended up back at my dads stand around 1:30. The weather switched from cloudy to sunny imageand back. The deer had been there but my digital camera that reads my card was dying. I sat anyways since I felt this was my best shot at a buck.

Never seen a deer.

When I got home I checked the cameras again. No big buck movement while I was up north. Some doe movement.

The cameras will sit until after Christmas. If we go up i’ll give it one last try to fill my combo tag if it hasn’t been filled. Other then that, up north was fun this year. I learned a lot about the area and killed my target buck. I can not wait till July 15th when my army of cameras will be deployed again and i’ll be looking for my number one buck.

When I returned back to my truck I came to realize I would have seen more deer if I sat in my truck.


0 deer seen

4 hours sit time



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