Whitetail Journal #33: 1rst Sit with the Muzzle Loader

Decided to make one last trip north. Pulled in yesterday hoping to hunt but I forgot just about everything I could and had to make a run to town. I did check my K2 area field camera and there wasn’t anything great on the cam

Today I slept in and got out around 11. I shot my gun to make sure everything was good to go. I found a compass That had some years on it. imageI checked the remaining cameras. Lots of day light doe movement but little buck movement. I did get one 8 point on camera on the 22nd plus another hunter. I decided to check out a new spot the remaining hour of the hunt. Never seen a deer:(

Probably going to do more spot and stalking more then anything tomorrow. No sense in sitting in spots that doesn’t have any buck movement. Now is also a great time to scout.

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