Whitetail Journal #32: Wrong Place, Wrong Time

As of my last journal entry, I decided to stay out of my plot stand until some pattern or something changed. Not sure what I was looking for but I had seen nothing but does for a long time. All my field camera pictures had nocturnal bucks and I had been hunting on and off for weeks here. Then yesterday happened…

While I was watching the Cowboys/ Redskins game, some movement caught my eye in the food plot. It ended up being the 6 point I passed on November 3rd. I was shocked he was still alive with how many day light photos I had of him but I was happy to see him.


Then today happened. I was doing some work on my computer looking for some new opportunities at the back window. 3 Pm, A deer caught my attention and I seen antlers right away. I played with the idea of putting a stalk  on him. Then I thought he was to small. Then I looked at him again and I thought shooter. By the time I decided to go after him it would have been to late and he walked towards the funnel, over the hill and was gone. If I would have done what I had plan I may have been able to get a shot off if I wanted to kill him.


I think this is the buck from 3 PM today.

After looking at the weather I quickly decided to get out there. The weather was drizzling and cloudy with a  temp around 40 degree. I have known this weather to get bucks off their feet. I took my shower and headed out.

3:30 I didn’t get 20 yards from the house and I noticed another deer in the plot. Turns out it was the buck from yesterday. I ended up doing a spot and stalk into the tower stand. He never even knew I was watching him. With the help of the quiet leaves and the cars driving by, I was able to sneak in the stand with him at 65 yards.

4:15 I was sitting

Finally after an hour of watching the six point and dreaming what he could be next year, some does finally entered the plot. He had no interest in them and finally left. The 5 does did what they always do and stuck around until it was time to go around 5:35. I quietly snuck out of there undetected I believe.

Depending on weather I may go out tomorrow. The lock down may be done and the big boys are out looking for another play mate. I believe a really nasty cold front with some snow would stress these bucks out and make them move. However, I don’t see it in the near future. We will see what happens..

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