Whitetail Journal #30: Finally a Break in the Wind

Alright, here we go. Back in the plot and we have 3 new rubs within 10 ft of the blind. This is the exact reason I wanted to keep a journal of my hunts. Also, a year image

ago yesterday I passed on the biggest buck I have ever passed. It’s been blowing for 3 days. It’s still a little windy but it’s suppose to drastically calm down. It’s 3 pm. Hope today is the last day to fill my last buck tag.

4:15 First doe

4:59 All of a sudden there is 8. “Spot” our youngest doe is hobbling. Hope it’s not to bad. Mom is very attentive.



5:15 It is freezing. Where are the bucks? First 20 degree night. Thought for sure something would show up tonight.

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