Whitetail Journal #29: Burnt Out

Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 9.21.42 PM.png

This is about the time of the year when I start to feel burnt out. I started way to early due to the cold front in October. Wish I could have skipped them and waited til at least Halloween. It was really, really hard to wake up. Oh well…

There calling for wind and super warm weather. Sitting in the skinny stand. This is my 5th sit in the stand for the year.

Sit: 6:20

7:05 Seen some of the fattest raccoons I have ever seen. Wish I would have slept in.
…and that was it. 11:30 I can’t take it anymore.

When I walked out I did a little exploring. I found two scrapes by my stands. I think I might move my stand next year to a better tree. Have to do more scouting in the area. Pulled the skinny stand camera. Nothing but small deer the last several days. Pulled the K2 camera. Lots of movement up until the deer opener. Have to figure out a stand for this area next year. Lots of buck movement in the morning the first week of November. Nothing moving through here during the summer months.

I walked through the thicket doing some scouting on the way out. I jumped what was possibly a buck bedded down. I should possibly hang a stand here next year.

Looks like this will be the end of my rutcation. Time to get back to work.

0 deer seen

5:10 sit time

35 hours sitting time during opening trip of gun.

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