Whitetail Journal #28: Day 2 of Firearm

It was really tough getting up this morning. Barely got into the stand and the sun came up. Sat in the swamp stand. Wind is completely wrong but I have no other choice.

6:45 Start of sit

7:49 Dad just texted and said he seen a 4 point. Then he got woken up by something chasing. Bummer he didn’t see it.

8:25 Doe and fawn went by straight in front of me at 15 yards. Wish I bought a doe permit up here.

No movement mid-day. Way to nice.

4:50 Deer just walked in on the other side of the tree. I think I am on the wrong side. Need to move

5:15 til Dark: Have 4-5 deer come in to eat the acorns around the stand. Very skittish deer. I think my doe urine covered up my scent because they never spooked.

3 shots all day

9 Deer seen all day

Sit time: 11:15

Live updates and pictures on Instagram. Check it out:


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