Whitetail Journal #27: OPENING DAY IS HERE

Our data is crazy high for this month so I had to cut some posting out while not on wifi. Here are a few entries from this week.

Opening day is finally here and I am excited. Hoping that the plan comes together. Some bucks are showing up on the skinny stand so that is where I am heading. We have a super moon. Wonder what effect that will have on the deer.


Showed up an hour before first light. Perfect! 38 degree…very calm. Too calm

6:45 the first shot

7 AM Pow pow pow. The shooting has started but still kind of light.

7:49 First Doe showed up

9:50 Just had a spike come in underneath me. Never knew I was here.

Sat til 1:30. Mother nature is calling

10 relatively close shots. Very quiet. Is it bow season?

4 PM Decided to sit in the Ole Man stand.

5:15 Doe family moving around. Very quiet.

5:50 Spooked doe family out with some loud grunts.

5:55 What the heck? There is a random guy walking around the woods. Thought I was here alone.

6:10 Turns out the lost guy was my dad. Good thing I was here.

Notes: Very slow in the middle of the day. Way to warm and nice out. 

Deer seen. 1 Buck and 5 does

Hours sit: 9.50

Live updates and pictures on Instagram. Check it out:


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