Whitetail Journal #24: Slowwwww

Its been windy here for the last 24 hours. Deer have not been moving since then. We have been working on processing my buck and found a European mount.

Headed out with my dad hoping that one of these big bucks that started showing up on cam will show up. Winds suppose to die at 5.

Sitting in the box blind in Lapeer with my dad. Very windy but it’s suppose to die at prime time. Hoping the bucks have been bedded down and will be getting up. Some new bucks have shown up on cam.image

3:45 Sit time begins

4:15 The twins just showed up.

5 pm The rest of the residents showed up minus a doe from yesterday. She must be with her boyfriend, the six point. Try left again right before we couldn’t see anymore. I wonder if that has anything to do with us. Didn’t help the neighbors dang dog was barking at twilight. Really slow night. Though tonight would be the night for my dad.

Sit time: 2:15

no buckd


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