Whitetail Journal#21

Back in Iosco. Waiting on Mr. Big. I’m feeling a bit burn out as well. No monsters seen in person yet this season which is completely different then last year. However, I pulled the cam near this stand last night and had 2 nice pictures of buck at night. They were crappy pictures so it’s hard to say if I know about these bucks. It’s a cold, 37 degree morning with no winds.

Hopefully today is the day. I need a turn around in this season.

7:47 – Sitting completely still with a little nod and I got busted. Never heard it come in. Think it may have been my scent.

8:10 Doe and fawn just walked through. Time for a big one.

8:53 Ahhhhhhhh just had a giant buck come running through and turned at the last minute – no shot. Don’t know if he was chasing or not. All I seen was a rack.

10:27 Holy crap Buck down.

Think I heard it go down. It is 55 degrees. Gonna give it an hour.

11:50 Start tracking and found it piled up 44 yards away. Awesome!image.jpeg

image.jpegMore to come later.


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