Whitetail Journal #19: Hard to Kill a Deer When your Stand was Stolen

3:00 Am wake up

3:45 Leave house

4:50 Almost kill big 10 point with the Truck

Everything is going great

6:10 show up to parking spot

6:40 Show up to tree with my stand gone

I don’t know how the jack wod got to it but it’s gone😡 Cut the lock and all.

Walked the mile back to my truck and got my climber. Sitting in a tree next to it but I am def not concealed. We will see what happens. Might be my last time ever sitting here. What a bummer.

7:40 Finally sitting an hour late.

10:52 No deer seen, yet. Longest I have ever gone without seeing a deer. Could this be the end of this spot for me.

11:23 Finally a doe

11:28 Another doe

11:40 : called in a 4point with a doe bleat.

3:00 Pm Moved to a spot off a private properties food plot. How nice of him to put a plot near state land.

3:30 Other private property owner decides to chainsaw and swear at each other.

4:43 Finally it’s quiet

All in all, I miraculously closed out the night seeing two bucks and 6 does. Not bad for a new spot. No rutting activity of any kind today.

After a mixed of events I decided to head to the cottage. Pretty bummed out that my best spot was ruined. Hopefully it’s a little more quiet and more deer movement.


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