Whitetail Journal #18:Best Sit So Far

Took a little while to get out here. Sitting in the ladder stand on our property. Cold west wind. Hoping to see a buck other then Tallboy. I think we have a new shooter on cam but the picture is crappy.

4pm Set up

4:03 3 deer in food plot.

5:41 – A buck is destroying a tree on the property line. Can’t see who it is

6:05 – Grunt at buck as he walks away. Doe blows from 120 yards away. Chaos then happens with deer running everywhere and bucks chasing does.

6:30 – Buck is coming at me but I can’t tell who it is. He’s 3 yards from the opening and I pull back. He comes into opening. I think it’s the 4. I let off and let him walk. Buck walks towards the house. Turns out it was the new 6 point. I grunted at him. He turns around and runs back. Then two does show up. He goes and sniffs the older doe that starts chasing her around the yard. Then she stops and he mounts her for a minute. Then she kicks him off. But, he wasn’t finish. He then gets on top of her again for a few minutes. Then they take off.


Tried to get out of the tree at dark but kept getting treed. Finally at 7:20 I was able to climb down. What an awesome November 4th. I needed to tonight.

I am thinking I am nuts for leaving but its time to head north and hopefully kill a big one. They usually start rutting here later in the week. I’ll be back! Hopefully I don’t regret it!

I post a lot of live updates and pictures on Instagram. Check it out:


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