Whitetail Journal #15: Rain Break

Again, I wasn’t going to sit because I thought we were going to get washed out. At 3 I discovered there was going to be a window of no rain. I headed to my park stand.

showed up at 4:50. Bust 4 does not far from the truck. Hunter who was hunting on other side of the hill moved his stand closer to mine. Can’t get away from people on public property in Southeast Michigan.

image.jpegThe rain finally stopped at 6. Right at twilight a young 4 point caught my eyes. He came to about 15 yards. He hung out for about 10 minutes. Then we heard a crash and a bang to our north and he froze for 5 minutes and then took off.


I basically walked on top of a deer on the way out but it never blew. Great night! Think this spot might be more of an afternoon spot. Gained a little bit of confidence.

I post a lot of live updates and pictures on Instagram. Check it out:


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