Whitetail Journal Day 13: Wheres the Bucks? Feeling discouraged

imageToday was my 13th sit of the season and I’m a little discourage. All the bucks I had on camera have disappeared since the last time I checked them on the 30th of August. I figured some would leave but not all of them. Not sure if it’s caused because of human presence (us and others) or that I don’t have the cameras in good spots anymore. I figured with more human intrusions the deer would go into the thick stuff and that is where several cameras are.

Dad and I got out super late because of getting the dock out of the water and the msu/u of m game. I decided to try a brand new place that I scouted this summer near a lake system. I couldn’t find the tree I wanted to use my climber in so I picked one on a wim. When I got up the tree I knew I screwed up. However I got out so late I wasn’t about to move. It ended up not hurting me much because I never seen a deer.

on the way out my phone died on me and I forgot my compass in the bag. Luckily, I was able to use the compass in my head and get me out. That would have sucked. My trail camera also had a small game hunter go by. Good thing I wasn’t expecting to much from this spot.

I want to hunt in the morning but I am feeling a little burnout and discouraged. I also don’t want to ruin my good spots before the rut gets going. I think I will sleep in and go home early and hit it hard in a couple days. The rut is right around the corner.

Pm sit

1.45 sit time

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