To Be A Predator


For the past couple years, I have really been studying the whitetails. I have been reading, listening to podcasts and paying attention in the outdoors. I put in many hours of scouting the past couple years. The number one way of being successful in my opinion is location. To learn more about why location is so important, click The #1 Secret to Being Successful in the Outdoors
screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-5-13-45-pmHowever, once you learn the best location to set up an ambush, you have to learn how to kill your prey. The best education a hunter can get is listening and asking questions to other successful hunters. I pay attention to all hunters and how they go after their prey. Let’s start off with the newbie or a person who doesn’t hunt that often.
This person is not stealthy at all. They set up their stands days before the hunt. They make noise around their stands. They pay little attention to the wind, their scent, their stand placement, etc. They talk on their phones while in the stand. They visit their stands many times to hunt, check cameras and any other reasons that bring them to their stand. They ruin their hunt before they even get into a tree stand.

Then there is the guy who shoots deer every year. The alpha hunter!!Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.56.57 AM

I’ve come to the conclusion that they all act like a predator. Have you ever watched one of those national geographic TV shows about certain predators? Every single one of the predators is very stealthy when hunting. They move incredibly slow while stalking their prey. They plan ahead before ambushing their prey. When the time is right, they pounce or start chasing their prey until they either win or lose. Not every time they’re successful. The only difference between them and us is if they don’t kill something, they will die. They do learn from their experiences quickly. As they gain knowledge and grow, they hunt less and are more successful.

This is how an alpha hunter hunts. They act more like a cat, bird or a wolf, then how a normal person would hunt. An alpha hunter is always planning their next steps. They hang their stands months in advance. They watch the weather and plan the perfect ambush opportunity. They are careful about their scent. They have stands set up for different winds and different situations. They sneak into their stand as quietly as possible and at the perfect time. Then they attack.


Sometimes a newbie or a non-serious hunter will kill a deer. But, it usually isn’t a large animal and it won’t happen as often. The last couple years I have noticed that some of the best hunters hunt very little and always kill. They know when that perfect opportunity is to sneak to that stand and lay the smack down on a big whitetail. I think we always have to rely a little on luck because your prey has a mind of its own. However, without the careful planning of the ambush a person spends more time in the stand wondering where the deer are rather than killing when the time is right.

So, the questions is, which kind of hunter do you want to be? Do you want to be the guy who puts in many, many hours without much success? Or, do you want to be the alpha hunter who plans his attack and is successful just about every single year? The key to that is start acting like a predator.


Are you successful in the woods? Please leave a comment with any tips you have to be an alpha predator.


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