Whitetail Jounal#9

Today could have been a high quality sit that I messed up on and missed out on.

Today I grabbed a stand out of a tree that had been sitting a long time. Didn’t get home til 530. Seen a decent buck in a farmers field at 5:15. I wasn’t going to hunt but I decided to sit on the side of the house hoping for a doe. Weather was really warm. Ended up watching the buck my dad wounded and the 4 point in the main plot. The buck I have been hunting may have been with them but I really couldn’t tell. They are really getting hard to pattern bc they are not following the weather at all. Started pouring right at twilight. Maybe the rain forced them to eat early. Would have made a perfect exit strategy. Field was completely empty during the rain. May have to hunt tomorrow again!

hours hunted: 1:30

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