GLE Whitetail Journal #7

After finally falling a sleep way to late, I managed to persuade myself to get out of bed and head out hunting this morning. You don’t know if you don’t go. What persuaded me to hunt was the fact that we had a NNW wind and I was hunting on the lee side of a slope. It was also raining off and off all night making for a quiet entry to my stand. This was a new spot I had never hunted. I had no intel because my trail camera failed this summer. So off I went.

….and that was about all the excitement I had. Not much was around. This is a piece of state land so it’s possible that other hunters have been hunting this property a lot. or, it was just a bad spot. Going to hunt it one more time in the afternoon. If I don’t see anything, I will be taking the stand down quickly. I guess I could have stayed in bed this morning.

I hope to get out more this week. I will be playing the weather though.

I am constantly taking pictures of my hunts. If you want to follow me on instagram, click on the link below.

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