Whitetail Journal #6: He’s ALIVE!! The Story continues

Raining all day. Wasn’t going to sit but I seen a break in the weather right at dusk. I decided to sneak out into our tower stand. Haven’t been back since journal entry 3. Deer had already beat me to the stand. Lots of wind and rain but I was able to sneak into the tower blind with no deer busting me.

Seen deer all evening long. Highlight of the day was when I spotted a buck. However, by the hair being a little mess near the shoulder blade I discovered it was Tall boy. What a relief that he is still alive. Doesn’t look like my dad even blew through the deer. Tall boy looks pretty good. Great first deer if my dad gets another shot at him. I’ll wait for Whity or a bigger buck that might pass through. So happy he is a live.

Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 12.58.29 PM.png

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