Whitetail Journal #2

Today was the day. Finally the winds were suppose to blow in the right direction to hit our property. We have not been in the plot since August 20th when we planted it.Only problem was, the weatherman lied and the winds were wrong. Our tower stand was the only stand available to hunt. I decided I would hunt with my dad and maybe film him shooting one of the big bucks. I rushed my dad knowing it’s possible that one of the big boys may show up early since I have seen him out there around 5.

Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 12.44.10 PM.png

Finally in the stand. Dad cocks cross bow. Puts arrow in bow. We look up and 4 deer come running out. One is the buck we call tall boy. Dad takes careful aim. Deer gets out to 43 yards, or so I thought. I tell dad to aim just a bit high. Dad shoots at deer. Shot looked super high. Buck runs away! Have no clue what happened. Got the whole shot on camera.

We stayed in the stand for the rest of the night. Seen 15-18 more does. Hard to tell with so many deer coming in and out of the food plot. After dark we went back and got the 4wheeler. We found a blotch of blood. Then drips of blood for 10 feet, then nothing. We look all over the property. We backed out.


Next morning we come back. The camera for some reason blue screened the shot. What good was that. Looked some more but did not find anything different. 95% positive the deer survived!

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