The #1 Secret to being Successful in Fishing and Hunting

I am going to give you the #1 secret of how to be successful with hunting and fishing every season. No tip or trick can compare to this secret. It’s such a big secret that most do not even think about it when entering the woods. All the successful people are using this secret to score every single season no matter what they pursue.

When I started hunting and fishing on my own when I was 10, I didn’t know this. When I started fishing and hunting, I looked for places that looked good to me or were convenient to get to. Judging by what I see on the Internet, most people don’t realize this either. I didn’t start to be successful until I started paying attention to my prey. You could know all the tips and tricks from the best TV shows or magazines but if you don’t know where your prey lives then you will never be consistently successful. Being successful in the outdoors is all about


That its! Seems pretty simple doesn’t it? However, most people don’t want to learn why the game that they are looking for is in a certain area. They want the easy route of not having to scout or study their prey. They want the game to be in the same spot they go to every trip. Or, they want it to be convenient to them because us human beings are lazy.


Every spring the Lake trout come into the shallows to feed. If we were fishing for Lake Trout a month later we would have never caught a fish. 

A couple years ago I had a trapping buddy tell me that you need to go where your prey is. You need to pay attention to the habitat and the conditions that your prey needs to move to be successful. Although I was somewhat successful before this, I really started paying attention more and putting the pieces of the puzzle together. He went on to say “where you set up your ambush is like a big trap. If you don’t set up your “trap” where your prey lives or travels, it will be hard to close the deal.” Over the years, I have been thinking about this when I explore into the outdoors whether it’s fishing or hunting. I remember adventures of success and adventures of non-success. I started to pay attention to the details of those trips. Every trip was a learning opportunity and has helped me a lot.

I remember one time when I was younger sitting on the edge of a over grown field in Grayling, Michigan. It was full of weeds and dirt. There was no food or cover where a deer would like to be. I thought it would be a good spot because I could see for a long ways and I was covering a lot of ground. It was also right off a two track.  Surely a buck would come by sometime. What I did not know was this location was not an area deer visited often. We hunted for deer on public land for several years never having any success. We ended up coming to the conclusion that there was “no” deer in Grayling. Now that I am older I have realized it probably wasn’t that at all. We were not hunting where the deer were.


Every year this field brings out the deer during the mid summer months. Come October the deer disappear. I drive by here several times a week. 

The Internet can be very humorous. During any fishing or hunting season, you can get on social media and see people moaning and complaining about how bad of a season they are having. Yet they are in the wrong spots or fishing the same hole that was once good to them. I do realize that some years can be extremely bad due to weather, disease and many other factors. But, the people who are successful year after year are the ones who grind it out and adapt to the situations that are thrown at them. They don’t hunt in the same stand or go to the same fishing hole on every single outing. They move around a lot. Even during the years of great success people are still complaining. On years that they’re no excuses, people are in the wrong places and just want to complain about something. They want to put the blame on something rather then the fact that they did not put in the time or research. That should be there only excuses. Are you one of these people?


If it wasn’t for the front coming through I don’t know if I would have had a chance with this buck. 

Fish and game move through out the year. They can move for many reasons. It is your job as an outdoorsman to learn why they might be in a certain area at that time of the year. Some factors that play a huge role on the movement are seasons, weather and reproductions to name a few. If you can learn where your target is during that time of year it will add to success for many years to come. Don’t’ pay attention to that and you could miss out on the some great opportunities in the future. I could go on about the many reasons why our prey move but we will talk about that later.


It had been a hot summer. We had fished hard all weekend with limited success. We decided to try one more spot where we had to drive a distance. I knew there was a cold spring that might keep some Kings around. We ended up getting one to bite and had couple other hook up. 

If you are looking for hunting and fishing to be easy, you may want to consider taking up something different. The new Pokémon might be a good fit for you? It looks like some even turn into zombies after playing it. Like everything else in this world, it requires a ton of hard work. However, any time you step into the outdoors you should be looking to learn something about your prey. Question you may want to ask yourself is why is my prey here. Did a weather event cause your prey to be here? Don’t put the label of success on whether you kill or catch something. Look at the adventure and everything the experience has to offer. Did you learn something new? Did you have fun? Did you show somebody new the fun in exploring the outdoors? Did you give it your all? Did you adapt to any changes? If your continually learning when on the waters or in the woods, you will become a much better outdoorsman and gain experience quickly. If you don’t’ learn while in the outdoors and complain about how bad the hunting and fishing is, you will continue to not see much or have any success. It’s kind of like Albert Einstein’s saying:


That is! That is the #1 secret to success. Go where your prey is and concentrate on their location! Don’t go where you want them to be.  Get out there when you can and study the woods and waters and the game that we love to chase. There is nothing better then spending time and becoming one with the outdoors.

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