Vacations on the Lake

13584811_832785301417_920294885437499209_oI remember when I was younger my parents would take my brother and I on vacation. My favorites were the vacations where we would stay in a cabin or a tent somewhere along a lake. I would countdown the months in advance. It felt like eternity till the day would show up even if it were only a few weeks away. It was hard for me to sleep knowing I would be going on vacation soon with my family. As the days got closer, it would be nearly impossible to sleep. Then the day was here and it was vacation time.

Going on vacation with my family was always an adventure. My brother and I would play in the dirt and water all day long. Being in the wilderness challenged us with what ever we did. We were allowed to be little boys and be adventurous. Only being told to stop doing what we were doing if we were endangering our selves. In the evening after dinner we would have to build a campfire. Sometimes it wasn’t so easy.

If we were in tents, getting through the night was sometimes a challenge. I remember one time where a storm had blown out of nowhere. We were just little kids. We were sleeping in two person tents. I could reach up and tap the top of the tent, which was almost leveled because of the wind. I was wondering if we would survive the night. The lightning and thunder was right over top and scare us. Whichever parent I was sleeping with, I probably was clingy to their

These are only a glimpse of our vacations. But, over time we learned what it was like to live through some pretty crazy adventures. We had to learn to adapt to the circumstances and battle through as a family. We quickly learned to love the outdoors and adapt to our surroundings and make the best out of it.

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A week at a cottage is a great way to get your family outdoors and on an adventure. If you have never stayed at cottage on a lake, you are definitely missing out. They will learn how to be a better swimmer or learn how to catch fish. They will come home with many adventures to tell their new friends at school. They will learn how to love the outdoors. It will a great time to spend together and spend time as a family.

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We are running out of summer weeks this year. We have August 13 through the 30th available. That is two full weeks and 1 half week available. Grab one of the last weeks of summer before they are all booked up. We also have fall rates available for when the leafs change colors; a great time to be in northern Michigan.

Here is our website if you want to take your family on vacation the last part of summer
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