“My Game Feeder Won’t Work???????”


A rare occurrence of a buck eating near the feeder in daylight

Managing a property for wildlife bring a whole new meaning to working . The thing about this “work” is that it’s usually a lot of fun. Creating a property that is welcoming to animals is really exciting. The only downfall to this type of “work” is when something breaks down that you expect should last a decent amount of time.

We bought a “Moultrie” game feeder about 3 years ago to draw deer near the house to get an idea of deer on the property. Plus it was good entertainment to watch the fawns and does during the day. This was used so I wouldn’t have to go back into our woods and stink up the property. I was able to get an idea of what bucks were using the property at night with trail cameras. Then I would hunt the back part of the property during the daylight hours and know which buck were around. The first year it was awesome. Deer were coming in to feed every night. I got to witness a family of fawns grows up right in front of me thanks to that game feeder.


A buck I would have never known was around if it wasn’t for multiple trail camera pictures.



All the batteries I used to get it to work

Then the following year problems started to rise. We couldn’t get the thing to work for more than a week. I tried new rechargeable, no luck. Then I bought a cheap big alkaline cell battery that lasted a few days. I thought the problem was fixed but the next time I check it out, it was dead. Then I tried an “Everyday Super Heavy Duty” alkaline cell battery, which lasted a bit longer but eventually wouldn’t last a few days. All these batteries were tested and had full charge after. I had had it; the feeder was going in the garbage.



I went out and bought a cheap “American Hunter” feeder. I put an old battery in it and it was not working right. I read the directions and it was recommending a Duracell Alkaline battery. I went and bought one, which got me thinking. I wonder if this would get my Moultrie feeder to work. So I tried it out and it did work! Then I put another Duracell Alkaline battery in my “American Hunter” feeder. That worked as well. Apparently these game feeders will not work unless a Duracell Alkaline powers them. I had deer coming in all the time until I pulled them this year.

12742495_740366769397873_5130341949584103400_nI had a season in a half of poor performance from these feeders. I looked online for a few days with no help from anyone. I know they’re other issues with these feeders but I figured out this one. I really hope this helps some other hunters before they throw it in the garbage like I was going to. These feeders are a lot of fun when they work.


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