Have Confidence in the Way You Fish (Blog 4 of 4)

The past 4 weeks we have been talking about Tips to catch more fish. If you want to be a real good fisherman, it takes more then just going out fishing. You have to know what the heck you are doing. Here are the tips we have been talking about.

1. Watch others and pay attention
2. Know your rigging/technique/style
3. Have confidence in the way you fish

Confidence plays a huge role in our lives. Whether you are confident in a job, school or anything else, confidence plays a role. Have you ever noticed it plays a role in fishing and hunting as well? A person who fishes when the time is right will have a high level of confidence. They will develop an inner feeling of confidence.

I have been fishing for salmon in the rivers for close to 20 years. I have had some crazy great days on the river and I have had some really poor days on the water. My favorite time to fish is after a very heavy rain. My least favorite time to fish salmon is very low, clear water with fish that have been beaten on by other anglers for days. Or, years when we don’t have any salmon in the rivers. The only way I figured this out was because of the I put on the river. When we have a decent year of kings, my confidence level will tell me what the fishing is going to be like that day. This goes along with any day on the water fishing for any other species. If I am trying something new I don’t know what to expect, therefore my confidence isn’t all that high.


North winds and rain brought a fresh batch of silver salmon into the river. 

You might also know your confidence level might change throughout the day. I have noticed during prime conditions that my confidence levels will be high. I often say the weather feels a little “fishy.” But, if something changes in the weather my confidence level will change and that “fishy” feeling will disappear.


Great cloud cover and low pressure made for a great day on the water with my parents.

When you have done your research and studied what others anglers do to be successful, you should have a pretty good grasp on the type of fishing you like to do. You should spend plenty of time on the water pursuing a targeted species. If you have kept a journal of the fish you have caught, you will be able to be on the water during prime time and know when and where to fish.

When you know all these, you will have a good idea of how the fishing is going to be. With this experience, you will be able to pick out the poor times to be fishing and get other stuff done. This is the time to spend doing other things rather than fish. Believe it or not, there are other things to do than fishing. Some of you probably just dropped your lower jaw.

Now that you have a high level of confidence, this does not mean you should only go fishing during prime times. Fishing during poor times will help you become a well-rounded fisherman. It will teach you how to fish tough conditions. You never know when it can be great. The great thing about fishing is you never know everything there is.
If you’re a busy person and can plan your schedule, you gotta ask yourself, would you rather fish in tough conditions or prime conditions?? If you can’t plan your schedule, sometimes you just need to go fishing and it won’t matter if the fishing is poor or great. Fishing is a great stress reliever.

Here is a little tip that helps me avoid a poor fishing day. My least desired time to fish is in the middle and after a cold front goes through. If I can avoid it I will. Fish do not like cold fronts. Every fish just shuts off when a cold front blows through. Will they still bite during a cold front? Yes, but it will be much tougher. It does not matter what type of fish I am fishing. Cold fronts are bad. During this time, it’s time to do other things. It doesn’t matter how good of a fisherman you are.


Although it was bright blue bird skies and in the middle of the day, we were still able to find some biters.

When is your favorite time to fish when you know you are just going to crush them? Make sure to post your comments below.

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