One of The Best Day of Fishing I Ever Had

I was asked the other day what my favorite fishing experience was. It is really hard to just pick one since I have had many awesome fishing experiences.  Since I had to write, I figured it would not be a bad idea to share one of my favorite memories here. I have had many awesome days on the water but only a few stick out in my mind. My favorite would have to be the day that the weather set up perfectly for us to have a day of non-stop fish catching fun. These are days most fishermen don’t ever get to experience.

My favorite fishing experience took place on the Boardman River back in September of 2006. We were fishing for Salmon. My parents had come up with me to enjoy Traverse City. We had arrived in Traverse City to rain and northwest blows. Traverse City was supposed to get 2 inches of rain that night. We went fishing that night and hooked a few in the pouring down rain. My family got cold so we gave up for the day. Plus, Michigan State was in a big game that we wanted to see. Due to my past fishing experience, I knew a lot of rain and hard northwest winds would bring in a huge push of salmon in the morning. What I didn’t know is how great it would be.


208710_502989335177_2406_n.jpgThe rain had stopped as we were riding to the river. We arrived at the first ray of light. We were going to be using skein(salmon eggs) for bait I ended up casting skein on a fly rod since my parents were using my other fishing rod also rigged with skein. On my first cast, I had the bait get hit before the bobber hit the water. I knew right away it was going to be a great day.


Our rigs consisted of salmon roe 5-8 feet under a bobber. Our main line was 15 lb Pline CXX with 10 lb Pline fluorocarbon leaders. We had most of our split shots right above the swivel that attached the fluorocarbon line. Bobbers were dropping all morning. Someone always had a fish on. My buddy Mark and I handed most of our fish off to my mom. My Mom finally said that she wanted to land her last fish to make her limit on her own. Eventually, she landed her last fish which was a big narly fanged male King salmon. After 5 hours of catching fish, my parents were physically exhausted. We caught and release over 25 fish and lost many more.
I have fished salmon for a long time. There are sayings that you might hear like “they were stacked like cordwood” or “they were so thick you could walk across their backs.” In my 20 years of salmon fishing, I have never seen the amount of fish in the river like I seen that day. The fish were easily stack like cordwood. This wasn’t just in the hole we were fishing but for a mile down river. It was the craziest thing I had ever seen.




This trip will never be forgotten. The fact that the weather all came together on that day was something that doesn’t happen very often. If this rain storm event didn’t happen we would have had an average day of fishing. Plus the fishing probably would have slowed down a lot towards mid-morning. Having my parents with me on one of the best fishing days I have ever experienced made it even better. It doesn’t get much better than that. This also was the last 20 fish day I ever had. Since then the salmon fishing has majorly slowed down.


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