The End is Near

Steelhead are starting to wind down for the season. There is still fish to play with but the fresh chrome we love are starting to be few and few between. There is still fish in the river systems. This season has been a weird one. Numbers are down but the right days have produced good numbers. You just never knew when those days would be.

With the season coming to an end, I am offering discounted rates til May 15th for the Muskegon River. There is still some new fish coming in. However, most of the fish we will be catching are drop back steelhead. These fish are done with the spawn and headed back out to the lake. These fish can be aggressive and will jump out of the water more then they are in. My rates for the rest of steelhead season are:

Full Day (8 hours)

$200 PP

$250 Private (1-2)

Half Day (4 hours)

$175 PP

$200 Private

I will also be offering inland lake trips in SE Michigan for 150 bucks (4 Hours) for the summer. $100 for 2 hours. Up to 2 people with a 3rd being another 50 bucks. Your choice of the lake in the SE Michigan area. I will possibly be offering trips around the state if were camping in the area. This package is more for the person who just wants to dunk a night crawler into the water or for the person who has never been fishing and wants to experience something new. I will teach you the basics of fishing if you have never been fishing.

It’s also never to early to start thinking about Salmon fishing. I just got off the phone with a conservation officer and found out that I can legally guide on the PM river from certain boat launches, which I am extremely excited about. If you have never fished the PM, you are missing out. PM is one of my favorite rivers to fish for early Salmon. Trips will start on the 15th of August but I will not turn down a trip if you want to go earlier. Salmon can start sneaking up the river anytime in August, especially after a good rain. This time of the year can be really hit or miss. I’ve seen it extremely awesome and really slow the month of August, but you never know. However, these fish are explosive and can be a lot of fun if hooked up. The cool things about August, the crowds are no where to be found which makes for an enjoyable day on the river. If you want to go, book your trip today to get your preferred date. If the fish are just not there, you will have the option of canceling or pushing your trip back later. Rate will be discounted all of August:

Full Day (8 hours)

$200 PP

$250 Private (1-2)

Half Day (4 hours)

$175 PP

$200 Private

September the rates will be the same as normal. They can be found here:

Call me to book the date you want.

Now that the plugs are out of the way, here is what happened on my last trip. I had Doug and Herman on my boat. The first day, we hooked into several fish after searching for them for awhile. Beads were the ticket. The fish won all the battles though. 

Day 2 we were extremely excited to get out there after figuring out what they wanted from the day before. We motored up to the same spot. Right a way we were hooked up on an acrobatic steelhead. Herman fought the fish like a pro and she was put in the net. This was Herman first steelhead:

Right after landing that fish, we got low holed where we pulled the fish from. The boat made a couple cast and pulled a fish from exactly where we hooked that fish. You have to love spring fishing.

Anyways, the crowds started showing up. We started to move around but between the bright sun and boat pressure, the fish shut off completely. We fished hard the rest of the day but no more were hooked up. We still had a great time on the river and many laughs were shared. Thank you Doug and Herman for coming out with me. Hopefully we can fit that Sturgeon trip in this summer.

I ended up fishing the day after. Fishing was a little bit better but the high winds made getting solid hook set next to impossible. Lots of fish were hooked but the fights were short lived due to huge C’s in the line that the winds had cause. After loosing another fish, I called it a day.

Here are some other pictures from the weekend:

Like I mentioned above, the fishing should be good the next couple weeks. If you want to go, give me a call. (248) 229-7226

I decided to take the weekend off from Steelhead this weekend. We decided to chase some Walleye. Fishing was kinda slow due to the weather but we hooked up on some fish every time. I also landed my first Muskie:

Other then that, I have been training for the ODRAM (One Day Ridge Across Michigan) with my church. The ride is from Montague, Michigan on Lake Michigan all the way to Bay City on Lake Huron. Really looking forward to it!

I try to keep my social media sites updated. If your into that, check them out:


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