Awesome weekend on the river

After waiting around for a month, the stars aligned and I was able to get on the river. What a great weekend we had. I was fishing with my buddy Rob. Roger from Steelhead Manitesto also came out with us on Sunday. Roger was a blast to have on the boat. This guy is continually thinking Steelhead.  If you are looking for some entertainment, make sure to check out his page at:

Although the weather was fantastic, the fishing was really slow. We managed a few bites every day but really had to work for them. The jig that worked best was a jig that I was trying to tie that did not turn out. Last year I ended up killing the steelhead below Tippy on this “mistake” jig. This weekend it took the most fish while tipped with waxies. Needless to say, it is now called the “the mistake.” Only one hole put up fish all weekend. Don’t know what was up with that. We worked a lot of water. My buddy Rob also caught his first adult steelhead on the center pin with a jig he tied himself.

I also caught my biggest resident brown to date; 21.5 inches long. Truly, a very special specimens:

Now that the water is starting to warm up, fishing should improve when new fish come into the system. I don’t think many newbies (fresh fish) have shown up lately and the reason why we struggled all weekend. Once fresh fish come up, fishing should improve. Don’t wait for an online report though if you want to get into good fishing. Steelhead fishing is great one day and slow the next so hit it anytime you can because you never know. Call me if your looking for a guide.

Were still a couple of weeks away from great fishing. However, the crowds are not out yet and it is very peaceful on the river, which is my favorite part. This weekend we saw bald eagles, squirrels and turkeys. Regardless how the fishing was, we still had a blast on the river.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:


If your looking to get out of the house and spend a day on the river, please get a hold of me. I would love to show you a day on the river chasing these awesome fish. I have a few weekends that are filling up in March. Contact me on my website for more information.

Also, don’t forget to check us out on Facebook:

Also, thanks to Rob for all the awesome pictures this weekend.

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