Attitude Adjustment for Kings

This past trip up north started a little rough. I have been working with my dad and he was taking a little trip back to his homeland, which gave me 10 days off. My plans were to head to salmon camp a little early. For the past couple years, Selle and I get together for a little salmon fishing up north. I was pumped to get back up there and decided to head up 3 days in advance. While getting ready I started to not feel so well. Hours later I had no energy and I was sick…Awesome!
Two in a half days later, my energy was back. Still had a major cold but I was back to being excited and amped up. I packed everything that would help with a cold just in case. Brought a lot of water and everything else you would take on a salmon trip. I fished Thursday night and never even had a bobber down. Pulled my boat out of the water and headed towards town to pick up a few things. At the last minute I decided to check out a fishing hole my Dad and I use to fish a long time ago. You use to be able to drive right up to it. When I got there, it looked like someone had dumped some sand at the entrance. I checked to see if it was hard packed or not. The truck had no problem going over it. Then I heard a thud! I went to back up and heard another thud. I got out to check and it looked like I was stuck on a rock but easily avoidable just by turning the wheel. What I did not see was the other rock up against my drive shaft. Long story short, I snapped my drive shaft very easily and was stuck. I ended up having to call a wrecker to help me out. Turns out the city or the DNR piled sand on top of boulders. Great way to start the trip!

After dealing with my truck all morning, I finally got out to fish. I was still able to tow the boat in 4wheel drive but was only able to do 20-30 MPH. I hit a fish in the first hole and thought it was going to be a great weekend full of fighting fish. I hit another fish a favorite spot of mine and landed that while spilling my dinner all over the boat. Then it was dead. Fish hard for hours with not a single hit. I was kind of bummed out the fishing was so bad. While doing so I started to surf the net and came across Steve@BBT post about needing to change the thought of double digit numbers not being the case anymore. I went back to the fishing and ended up going 1 for 2 within the last hour of light. Best bite came on skein in UV red.

Saturday was more of the same of tough fishing. Ended up finding two in the very deep end of the first hole in the morning including an 18 lb fish. Never had another hook up the rest of the day. Selle found a pool of fish and caught 6 out of there. Between the 3 of us, we went 10 for 10. I knew we were in for tough fishing the next day.

Sunday…my buddy Nate from Crystal Mountain came down to fish with me. Sure enough, our percentage went down. Nate lost a nice Coho at the boat. I lost 3 screamers that I could not control including one big, bright salmon. Selles boat ended up 2 for 6. Between the two boats, we were 2 for 10 that day. Fish today came on Double red-hot cure in my boat.

Monday started out the same…. Slow! I started up river but quickly pulled the boat and making a huge move way down stream to a hole that has been awesome to me this year. Around noon, I made my second drift and I was into a fish and it was on. For the next half hour I had 9 fish on and they were all biting old skein. Most of the bite came when I was getting ready to pull up or dragging bottom. Drifting naturally hooked very few fish. Nothing made sense but it was nice having a great 45-minute bite. Do I dare say it was kind of like the old days? Ended up talking to some guys throwing sticks who hooked 9 and an old timer who hooked 7. Not sure if we all just set up on a pod of fish or if there was a big run coming up.

Some stats to throw your way though. I personally fished 44 hours and managed 18 hook up. That is a hook up every 2.5 hours. If you minus the great bite i found in the last hole, it would have been 40 hours of fishing and a bite every 4.5 hours…ouch!

With that being said, there are more fish in the river then when I was up last. You have to work really hard right now for a bite. For us, it really helped moving a lot and fishing the deepest parts of the holes. When we found fish, we would pound a way at them for a couple hours and then move on. It also seemed that different flavors of skein really helped. It changed from day to day but all my bites were pretty consistent on a certain flavor for that day. Even though the fishing was tough I tried to remain positive and have a good time. It was once again a blast fishing with Selle and Sam. Having Nate on my boat all day Sunday was also a lot of fun and I hope we get to fish again soon.
Also, you may be wondering whether or not I had to leave my truck up north to get fix. Luckily, I didn’t. My very generous cousin ended up driving all the way from Troy to bring me a new drive shaft. Major shout out goes to Josh for doing that. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

To end this blog, I will leave you with this. If your looking for easy fishing, you will be highly disappointed in this years run so far. If you’re looking to tangle with some salmon and have a nice day on the river, I would recommend getting up there. There it no better place to be at this time of the year then on a river seeking Kings. Good Luck out there!

If you were up north fishing, we would love to hear how you did. Either leave us a message here or post it to our Facebook page:

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