The Best Weekend of the Year-Our Annual Camping Weekend

Well, Labor day has come and gone. We fished, played in the rain and laughed till our sides hurt. We ate great and put many miles on our kayaks on the Pere Marquette river. Weekends like this don’t happen very often but when labor day comes around, I always look forward to it. When the heck do you get to hang out with a bunch of great friends for 4 days and not have a worry in the world. Well, I might have a worry where I am fishing in the morning…haha 

For the past four years I have been making my way up north where a bunch of friends camp along the Pere Marquette river. Some of us fish in the morning while others sleep. When everyone gets up, breakfast is made and the games come out. Some days we don’t leave the site at all. Other days, we might waunder into Ludington and hang out on the beach. One day we make our way down the Pere Marquette to kayak and canoe in a large group. It’s always a blast hanging out. This year was no exception. I really can’t put into words how much fun I have with these people but I can show you a few pictures. 

Like I mentioned earlier, I fished a couple days and basically had a repeat of last week on the river. Fishing was tough! We did get lucky one day when I dropped a Chartruse Echip paddle and fly into a pod of fish and manage to find a biter. We have been trying to get JJ into salmon for a couple years now and handed the rod off to him. He showed that fish who was boss and reeled it in. Other then that, fishing was pretty slow for everyone we talked. It seemed like either the fish went back out to the big lake or went up the river. I think they went up the river because 3 days later, I happened upon a hot hole. Here are some pics from the first day:

Sunday I was invited to fish with my buddy, Luke. We left the docks super early in search of cold water. Once we found the cold water, we found the fish. We ended up doing loops around the cold pocket all morning and took fish almost every pass. At the probe it would be 68 but when we were back in the cold water, the temp would drop between 52 and 56. Like this year has been, our best rigs were meat, meat and more meat. Everything rod took fish but our spin doctors off of our dispeys were best all morning. The color of spin doctor did not matter. We ended up with 5 nice kings and 3 silver coho. We lost a couple kings and had a ton of coho slapping at the baits all morning. What a great morning!


Our big fish for the morning

Sunday was our annual canoe trip down the PM river. Like usual, it was a blast. 

Monday, I fished for a little bit. There was a huge rain storm rolling in but I needed a few more hours on the river. I went way down river and found my hole of choice open. 3rd cast my bobber sank and I was into a fish.

I ended up hooking 2 more out of that run but they wrapped me up. Not much you can do with fresh chinook. Ended up hooking one more fish down river but it threw the hook. All fish came on small piece of cured red skein under a thill float. Skein has been my best bait so far this year. Thunder sticks have worked for others but I have not hooked a fish yet on them. 

Even though the fishing was still kind of slow, we had a great weekend! Only 360 something days til we get to do it all over again. 

Special thanks goes out to Calvin for putting together another great weekend and Luke for the ride on Lake Michigan sunday morning. Have a great weekend everyone! Leave some fish for me! 🙂




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