Traditions and Salmon

Man I love days where all you do is venture around the state. There is so much to do one man can not do it all in a year. I actually almost missed out on a family tradition but with some rearranging of the schedule, I was able to do everything that was planned. Saturday was one of those days.

In my family, we have a tradition that most people in USA don’t even know about. It’s actually a Canadian thing and the only reason I know about it, is because my dad’s side of the family is from Canada. Every spring around Mothers day, we go fiddle head picking.


We ended up being a little late this year do to other obligations. You can tell because all the ferns are mostly grown up.

We still managed to find a few buckets full by looking hard. The best spots were near the river and under logs.

After we said our good byes, I headed to Lake Huron with boat in tow. I met up with Rob and Calvin in search of Salmonoid. When I first pulled in, I was a little nervous about getting out because there were two foot waves. That would not be comfortable in a 16 foot flat bottom. However, we still headed out.

Immediately we hit a fish on a giant clear lure I have never seen before. The fish came in 22 feet of water. I thought we would be on the fish for the rest of the night but nothing hit. We then moved out to 40 feet of water, still with no hits. Needless to say, we trolled around with out much success.

However, the wind calmed down and made for a very enjoyable night.

We ended up trolling back into 15-20 feet of water. We had what I think was a king hit but snapped us off. I think there was a fray in the leader. We ended the night pulling lines with a small 16-18 inch pink we were dragging around. Fish came on a wonder bread bomber.


Anyways, ended up being a great Saturday. Family and friends; doesn’t get much better then that.

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