Waiting for the River to Come Down

It’s funny how this year has gone. Usually I am fishing steelhead hard. It’s all I can think about. If you are a steelhead fisherman, you know it’s been an interesting year. There has been many days this year where we have not been able to get out due to the weather. Sure, you can fish in high chocolate color water, fish in high winds, or even fish in 15 degree weather but I’d rather be doing other stuff then fish then. I was all psyched to get up north last week and mother nature dropped 6-8 inches of rain up north. What is the point of fishing in chocolate milk when the fish can not see your bait.

While waiting for the rivers to come down I had to get out. My cousin called me and asked me to go mountain biking. Sounded like a fantastic idea. Last year I never road once and I was not going to let that happen again. My cousin and I met up Addison Oaks. I was expecting a nice, easy ride. Was I ever wrong. I made it up the first hill and thought I was going to puke my guts out. Eating two hot dogs 2 hours before I road was not the brightest idea I have had in a while. I have ridden trails before but nothing like this. Around every turn and hill was a new site. Now this was my kind of riding. We also seen around 20-30 deer…Hmmmm, maybe a new way to scout : p

After 6.8 miles, my legs were jelly.

I am looking forward to moving into the Kzoo area. I hear Fort Custered is pretty cool and I look forward to riding it. Has anyone ever rode it?


On our last hill climb, we came across this view. This was truly an incredible sight and I had to stop and take a quick picture.


Since I bought my boat I have been doing a lot of trolling. Most of my trolling has been during late August for big Salmon. I have always wanted to troll for shallow water salmonoids and since the rivers were still not fishable where I wanted to go, I decided to give it a try. We decided to check out southern Lake Huron in search of salmon. The fishing was far from fantastic but I learned a new fishery that I hope to capitalize on in the near future and put some silver fish in my freezer. We did see some beach fisherman doing pretty well.

After hours of trolling, Rob decided to put on a large gold shallow running thundertstick. We did one troll in front of the surf fisherman and a rod started to act a little funny. Rob decided to reel it in just to check it out and it turned out there was a small silver on it. Finally, first fish of the season in the boat.

We were going to pull lines but decided to see if we could get another. We switched out all our lures to have something gold on them. Made one more circle but we did not hook up. Oh well..

After doing some more research I come to realize a few things that might have been possible for only one fish. I usually fish Lake Michigan and ran lures I thought would work like flicker shad and thin fish. I believe these fish are feeding on smelt right now in southern Lake Huron. A lot of guy I talked to said they were catching fish on body baits. When I think of a body bait, I think of lures like thunder sticks, reef runners and long A bombers. That would explain why we didn’t do much hooking and did more trolling. Needless to say, between the 3 of us, we have a bunch of lures to try next time we go out, which is hopefully real soon.

We were also fishing in shallow water between 5-15 feet of water. We were running a lot of deep diving lures and I believe most of the time our lures were dragging bottom. Next time we will run more shallow lures then anything if the fish are still up in the shallows.

Anyways, trolling on my own rig is all new to me. I have been trolling with buddies for years out in the deep of Lake Michigan and Grand Traverse Bays and have never had to make the decision. I have also next trolled in shallow like this. Who knows, maybe this will all change next time I am out and I’ll learn something new. Anyways, I just thought I would share what I learned while I wait to get out for some steelhead again.

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